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Thoughts on Giving For His Name

Randy Titus heads up the Community Group ministry at Mercy Hill. In the post below, he and his wife Stephanie share their thought process on giving to the For His Name initiative.

As we enter in to this next season in the life of Mercy Hill Church, each of us will be brought face to face with one question—What is God calling me to commit to the “For His Name” initiative? For my wife and I, it took several conversations and a lot of prayer for us to arrive at our decision. Throughout the process there were a couple of questions that we kept coming back to.

“The first questions was is there anything we can cut out of our budget that would allow us to give more?”

For us the answer was “Yes!”…but not much. We are a single income family with three children a dysfunctional golden retriever, and a fluffy bunny rabbit that eats constantly. Needless to say, bills and expenses are plenteous and we had already cut out a lot of the common creature comforts (cable TV, streaming music services, etc…) in order to make things work. So we adjusted a few things in our budget and trimmed some of the excess where we could and that allowed us to give a little.

“The next question we asked ourselves was “Are there any purchases or upcoming expenses that we can delay or cut out entirely?”

It’s a bit ironic that the “For His Name” initiative is happening during the time of the year when most of us throw budgetary caution to the wind and drop tons of money on stuff that will eventually end up in garage sales and garbage dumpsters. So we decided that our Christmas budget would be a bit thinner this year than in years past. We would much rather invest in things of eternal value than things that are fleeting and fading away. The great thing is that, as parents, we are always looking for teachable moments in the lives of our children. This is a perfect opportunity for us to explain to them the value of investing in the Kingdom and finding lasting joy through serving others instead of temporary joy through another toy or game.

Some of you may be thinking, “Is he not going to give his children any gifts this Christmas?”   You can rest assured that our children will be receiving gifts this year and the truth is, they already have more than they need…but we’ll save that conversation for a future blog post!

The bottom line is that Steph and I are excited to be a part of what God is doing through Mercy Hill Church. It is our joy to be able to give because we know that those dollars correlate to people who so desperately need to hear who God is and what He has done on their behalf. So how about you?

What is God calling you to surrender For His Name?

I look forward to seeing what God has in store for Mercy Hill Church in the days ahead as his people answer the call to generosity!