There’s Only So Much You Can Learn Second-Hand

You can’t really imagine what life is like living in South Asia.

You can start to, for sure. There are videos to watch, tons of photos; you can hear stories from people who have gone, etc. But really, you just can’t understand what it means to truly be there, in all of its complexity, until you’ve been there.

You don’t really get it until you’ve walked through one of the markets and seen so many people—from the elderly to the young, Hindus and Muslims, the absurdly rich and unimaginably poor, traditional and modern­—swimming around each other in a massive sea of people; all being slowly suffocated by the cares of this life. You can’t really grasp what it means to be a part of what God’s doing there until you’ve crouched into a home and found yourself wrapped up in the embrace of a believing brother or sister whose language you can’t understand but whose love and enthusiasm is unmistakable. You don’t start to internalize the gravity of the situation here until you’ve spent what feels like endless hours staring out the windows of taxis at near tens of thousands of people whom you know you will likely never meet nor ever talk to, who might have never heard the gospel before and could never hear it in the course of their life time, people whom God loves so desperately, yet are so completely unaware of it.

Why not come and find out why some of us have dedicated our lives to living and serving here? Come and see the inexpressible, deep, tear-jerking joy that it is to see that bleak reality begin to change—one person at a time. When you see, from among the darkness, the dead being raised to life, when you see one from that unfathomable throng of lost souls repent, not only does heaven rejoice, so do we! There is a great joy to be had here! And as we get to disciple them and watch them share their testimony with others in their families, their workplaces, their schools, neighborhoods, remote villages, and beyond, we rejoice over and over again that the Lord Jesus is victorious! And the news of his victory and the power of the gospel goes forth deeper and deeper into the darkness. What a gift it is that he has not only called us out of that darkness but that he’s made us to be ambassadors, together, to proclaim his excellencies.

So, don’t be content to only watch a video or hear someone else’s stories. Join our team in daily prayer. Also, consider what it would mean to be there with us. Do you want to know how to better pray for and encourage our team? Come see and understand our struggles and joys. Do you want to explore if God wants you on the ground long-term, speaking the language, investing in the people? Come and meet, encourage, and share a meal with the people God might be calling you to share your life with.

-Mercy Hill Missionaries to South Asia

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