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The Vision of Mercy Hill Worship

Sunday’s sermon was taken from Mark 11 when Jesus, before entering the temple, cursed the fig tree. Even though the tree was leafy green, it didn’t bear any fruit. Jesus was teaching through an enacted parable that it is possible to be full of religious activity on the outside and be spiritually dead on the inside. Worship (our heart’s eye) is our response to the person and works of God. And without worship, the mission will die.

The vision of Mercy Hill Worship is to lead our congregation in beholding the greatness of God; remembering the redemptive work and good news of the gospel; and giving thanks through Jesus for the glory of God the Father.

As we strive to lead worship well through music each week, we’ve made some resources available to you.

Recently, our worship and creative teams got together for a night of worship, and we recorded live tapings of three of our most-played original songs – born from sermons and community group discussions at Mercy Hill. We are working to make audio recordings available down the road; but for now, this is a way to easily listen, learn, and reflect on the message of these songs. We hope you enjoy!

Lyrics and chord charts are available here if you’d like to sing or play along.

Check out “No One Like You” here. 

-Jon Azzarello (Worship Services Director)