The Thursday Spotlight – Tesha Lucas

In an effort to put some faces behind the name of “Mercy Hill Church”, we have decided that Thursdays’ blog posts will be used to feature the Mercy Hill team members who have committed his/her life to taking the gospel to Greensboro.  Our goal is not simply to provide you with trivial information about the life of someone on a church planting team.  Rather it is to show how normal, everyday individuals are responding radically to what Jesus has done for them by uprooting their lives and moving to a different and, in many cases, strange city.

We read in 1 Peter 2:9 that as followers of Jesus we are a “royal-priesthood.”  The implication here is that each of us – whether lawyer, doctor, teacher, or Chick-Fil-A worker –  has an integral role in the life of a church and in taking the gospel to those without it.  We hope that you will take the time and get to know Mercy Hill on a little deeper level, but we also hope that you will be challenged to see how your life can be used strategically for the glory of God.

Meet Tesha Lucas (32) an office manager living in Raliegh, NC.

Tesha tell us a little bit about yourself…

“I was born and raised in eastern NC.  I have one older sister and two adorable nieces.  I moved to the Triangle in 1998 to attend NC State University, where I majored in psychology and criminology. In 2009, I received my M.A in Health Education and Promotion from East Carolina University.  I currently work as an Admin. Asst./Office Manager for an Architectural/Design-Build firm.  I have two major hobbies.  The first is collecting body art, which is both personal and academic (it was the subject of my thesis).  My second hobby is attending concerts/shows.  I have been known to follow Dave Matthews Band along the east coast just to attend a show.”

How is it that you became a Christian?

“By 2005, I was in a pretty horrible place in my life.  Outwardly, I seemed to have it all together.  No one suspected that I was absolutely miserable.  I sought worldly pleasures to help me cope with my unhappiness.  I partied a lot, a fact that I was proud of.  All the while, my health was deteriorating.”

“In September 2005, my friend Amanda invited me to visit Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) with her.  I visited BSF and decided to sign up for the study on Genesis.  Suddenly, I began to assess my life.  I realized my life was out of control because I was lacking the most important relationship that has ever existed.  Through studying Scripture, God showed me His majesty, mercy, and redemptive power.  I understood that God, through Jesus, desired a personal relationship with even me.  One night after BSF, I prayed to receive Jesus Christ as my savior.  I still remember the peace that I felt in those moments.  A year later I was baptized at the age of 25.”

“The Gospel has shown me that I should invest my time and resources into things that have eternal significance so the priorities in my life have changed.  Before I became a Christian, I aspired to be like celebrities.  Now, I desire and pray to be more Christ-like.  By His grace, I am now more concerned with my standing before God than how I appear to others.  The Gospel has changed my life forever.”

What led you to be a part of the Mercy Hill team?

“During Small Group one Wednesday night, Bobby Herrington announced the Summit’s plan to plant a church in Greensboro in 2012. When Bobby and his wife Allison asked me if I would consider being a part of the church plant, I immediately said “no.”  I had no desire to uproot my stable life in Raleigh.”

“Then, God began to change my heart.  Through sermons at the Summit and Scripture reading, I truly grasped that Christians are God’s plan for non-believers to hear the Gospel. While working through a devotional, I read Matthew 9:37 where Jesus reminds the disciples that “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” and I could not stop thinking about it. God is bigger and more profound than any excuses that I was making.  Suddenly, I found myself thinking about what life would be like if I truly stepped out in faith…and the rest is history.”

“Once in Greensboro, I would love to get a part-time lecturer position at a college/university, teaching a health education-type course. I’d like to find a full time office administrative job.  I want to continue to volunteer with Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade organization where I currently volunteer.”

“If you are considering planting a church or joining the Mercy Hill team, I would really encourage you to pray about your decision and study Scripture.  It’s only in those two places where you will find the answer.  If it is the right decision for you to make, God will give you an incredible sense of peace about your decision.”

So what are you most excited about in moving to Greensboro?

“I am excited about starting this new chapter of my life with such an incredible group of Christians.  I am always telling my parents how mind-blowing it is that God has assembled this specific team to be Mercy Hill.  I am continuously amazed by this group of people and feel honored to be part of such a great family.”

“I am really excited about the opportunities that God is preparing right now for me to share the Gospel with someone in Greensboro.  It is such a blessing to be a part of God’s redemptive plan for the world.  Finally, Greensboro attracts more diverse musical artists and theatrical shows than Raleigh, so I’ll have more opportunities to experience cultural arts. Being less than 10 minutes from the ACC Tournament is just an added bonus.”

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