The Thursday Spotlight – Adam Cox

We continue our Thursday spotlight today in hopes that you both get to know our team but also see that church planting is nothing more than average every day people living life on mission for God.  So with that meet Adam Cox a 24 year-old M.Div student at Campbel University.

Adam tell us a little bit about yourself.

“I am from a small town in North Carolina, Pilot Mountain, where most of my family still lives.  I did my undergraduate at UNC Greensboro, and have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work.   For the past three years, I have been attending Campbell University Divinity School in Buies Creek NC, working on a Masters in Divinity. I am finally graduating in May of 2012 and will be spending my summer in Glorieta, New Mexico working with FUGE camps as a Program Director.   I am interested in many fields of ministry from missions to collegiate ministry to everything behind the scenes.”

When did you accept Christ and how has the gospel impacted your life?

“Being from a small town it was a required thing that we attend church, so from a very young age I was in church.  When I was in the fifth grade I walked the aisle and was baptized.  Looking back at that, it did not really mean anything to me in my life. I played the part of Christian for many years until at the age of 18, at a youth conference, I came to understand what being a Christian really meant and started living my life as such.  When I was 21, I felt a calling into the ministry and have been working in some type of ministry setting since then.  While attending Summit Church in Durham NC, I came to understand what a Gospel centered life looks like and what type of impact it could have on my life and the lives of others around me.”

What led you to be a part of Mercy Hill and what will you be doing once you get out to Greensboro?

“I was sitting in church one Sunday when it was announced that the next church plant location was chosen, and it was Greensboro.  While I was working on my undergraduate degree I lived in Greensboro and had fallen in love with the city and culture that is there.  Knowing that, I knew there was a need for a Gospel centered church to be planted there, and I wanted to be a part of that.  I was excited to be back in a city that I loved so much.” 

“As of right now, I am not sure what I will be doing once I move to Greensboro, but there are options.  I would love to somehow get linked to a college whether it be UNCG, Guilford, GTCC, or High Point and do some work with college students.  I also would love and would not mind, to find some type of urban ministry setting and get plugged in there.  I know that God has plans for me and I am excited to see where He leads.”

Finally, what are you most excited about in this whole process?

“I have lived in many cities over the last four years, but Gboro is by far my favorite.  I am excited to just be back in the city and be able to go to some of my favorite restaurants like La Fiesta, off of Wendover Avenue, be back in the artsy communities that are around the city and just to be around the people that make up Greensboro.”

Want to join Adam and the rest of the Mercy Hill team?  Check out our website and contact for more information. 


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