The Search For God's Will (Resources)

In continuing our series on God’s will we wanted to pause this week and provide you with a few valuable resources that have helped us think through this topic.  Any of these books would be a great addition to a person’s library for future reference and referral to others.

Just do something – Kevin DeYoung

This little book is probably one of the most practical resources for helping people think through the topic of God’s will.  It is deeply rooted in biblical truth and challenging throughout.  If you were to invest in one of the five books listed below this would be the one we recommend.

“The author who seeks to add something to this genre is entering into a very crowded field and is going to need a unique angle. Kevin DeYoung takes on this challenge and succeeds admirably, crafting a short but powerful book that really packs a punch. His unique angle is reflected in the title: Just Do Something! ‘My goal,’ he says, “is not as much to tell you how to hear God’s voice in making decisions as it is to hear God telling you to get off the long road to nowhere and finally make a decision, get a job, and perhaps, get married.” He fears that many Christians, because of their unbliblical understanding of knowing and doing the will of God, are wasting their lives doing nothing when they should just be doing, well, something!” (Tim Challies)

Decisions Decisions – Dave Swavely

“The book approaches the subject matter first from the perspective of how not to make decisions. To illustrate how not to make decisions the author, Dave Swavely, uses several phrases and ideas that are in common use in Christian circles and shows how they do not follow Biblical foundations for decision-making. Among the ones he discusses are: ‘I flipped a coin,’ ‘God gave me a sign,’ ‘God told me,’ and ‘God opened all the doors.’” (Tim Challies)

How Then Shall We Choose? – Douglas S. Huffman, ed.

“The subtitle of the book “Three Views on God’s Will and Decision Making” concisely states the essence of the book. The three views which are presented in this book are given the titles of the “specific will view”, the “wisdom view” and the “relationship view”; the contributors are, respectively, Henry & Richard Blackaby (I will refer to them by the singular pronoun in this review), Garry Friesen and Gordon Smith.”

“The format consists of each contributor who describes his view, and then each of the other two makes responses to it. In addition, each contributor applies his principles of decision-making to the same three issues of college & career choices, marriage, and choice of a church to attend.” (Jim Briggs)

Discovering God’s Will – Sinclair Ferguson

“This book is loaded with thought provoking questions; such as: Is it lawful? Is it beneficial? Is it enslaving? Is it consistent with the Lordship of Christ? Is it beneficial to others? Is it consistent with the example of Christ and the apostles? Is it for the glory of God? It replaces guess work with the certain hope of knowing we will know God’s will, because ‘we can ‘judge’ or ‘taste’ the flavor of his purposes for us.’ Sinclair Ferguson helps us to understand how it is that God wants us to use the intelligence He gives us, combined with God’s word, to learn how to recognize God’s will for our lives.”

God’s Will – J.I. Packer

“Everyday people are faced with decisions–some big, some small. As Christians, we believe that we need to submit to God’s Word in all things. Many people struggle with discerning God’s will. Many more struggle with fear and or confusion about whether God guides them, how they will know when He does, and even more so, on what happens when they make a mistake. God’s Will Finding Guidance for Everyday Decisions by J.I. Packer and Carol Nystrom address these issues and more in their book.”

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