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The Gospel Saves

“Being a Christian is so easy!” said no one ever. I’ve been walking with Jesus for a while, and the only reason I’m still here is because of Jesus! I grew up attending church, but quantity does not mean quality. I was baptized when I was young, but it took time to understand the commitment that I had made. To be honest, Jesus wasn’t the center of my life. I was going through life by myself, dealing with sin by myself, and trying to fix problems by myself. Struggling with being alone, school, sexual behavior, and not feeling adequate enough plagued my life throughout high school.

It wasn’t until I realized that I needed Jesus to live the life I couldn’t when I began to understand the gospel. The gospel is the only thing that delivers and saves. Understanding “Jesus in my place, and I in his” has become the cornerstone of my life. For the longest time I thought I could do everything by myself until I understood the powerful phrase, “But God.”

An Invitation

Coming to college I planned on going to church; it was just a matter of which church. Within the first few days of being on campus, I met Neeko Williams. Looking back, I now see how those events were a part of the First 10 initiative. Playing spades, skating, and late-night trips to Cookout were all a part of making the first week of my freshman year awesome! The First 10 events not only helped me meet new people and experience college before the work load began, but I was also introduced to Mercy Hill.

I’ve been to other churches in the area, but none compare to the spiritual growth I have experienced here. I have never been more serious about my faith. Being stagnant is not an option! I was immediately connected with the MH College Leadership Team on A&T’s campus. After feeling so nervous about joining leadership through the church, I decided to let go and let God!

A Change in Heart

While I always claimed that I wouldn’t “go wild” in college, I never claimed that I was going to grow in my faith either. But God works in mysterious ways! God has a way of working without you even knowing it! I love knowing that I can’t wrap my head around God! He is so magnificent. I love how science, philosophy, geography, and astrology don’t confine him!

Anyways, I didn’t have an ultimate drive to attend A&T, but here I am. I love my school, and I love the church God has placed me in!

Learning to let God guide my steps has been a painful journey. My natural instinct is to think into the future, make plans for everything, and know exactly how, when, and what is supposed to happen. The amazing thing about God is that he is loving and wants what’s best for us. I pray every night that God orders my steps because I know, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m grateful to be a part of Mercy Hill. The message that “the gospel saves” is so prominent in everything that happens. God did not save us so that we could be bench warmers. We are called to tell others about the amazing freedom that is in Jesus. He took our place on the cross and died for us so that we, too, could be reunited with the Father.

-Shayla Sexton (MH College Leader)