The gospel motivates our giving, discipline makes it happen

By: Bobby Herrington, Executive Pastor

It was right about this time last January in 2013 that my attempt at a yearlong Bible reading plan had already failed.  I have a seminary degree, I am a pastor, and yet I could not manage to finish 1 month of a yearlong Bible reading plan. I am sure many of you have been in the same boat, where you truly desire to get back in the word but through the busyness of life you simply forget or let it fall to the wayside.

Surprisingly, this 2014’s Bible reading plan has been different. Ever since putting the YouVersion Bible app on my phone and doing my yearlong plan through the app it has helped me tremendously. While I have no plans on reading my Bible solely on my phone (I still like the written version the most), the Bible app has helped me develop the daily habit of reading. The app allows me to know how far into the plan I am, what percentage of the Bible I have read, and it gives me daily reminders about that days reading.

Reading your Bible, like all Christian disciplines, requires two things: (1) the right motivation through the gospel and (2) discipline. I had the right motivation in 2013 to read my Bible but I didn’t have the discipline to do so. The Bible app has helped me with the second part. It has reminded me I needed to read even when I forget. It has helped me with the discipline of reading.

Generosity, as another discipline of the Christian life, also takes gospel motivation and discipline. In terms of gospel motivation, we are generous with our resources and give to support God’s mission through the local church because of what Jesus has done for us. In the gospel Jesus has freed our hearts to be open handed with our resources and to find joy in Him instead of money. Although gospel motivation fuels generosity it is discipline that actually directs our generosity. Even if our hearts are stirred to give to the local church to support God’s mission we still have to be disciplined enough to remember to give.

This is where we believe automated giving comes in. We believe that the best way to be disciplined about your giving in 2014 is to automate your giving. There have been many times during a busy season where my family misses church a couple times and then before we know it we haven’t given in 2-3 months. It is not because we didn’t want to give, we simply forgot. This is why we are choosing to automate our giving in 2014. If we are out of town, or it just slips our mind, we won’t have to remind ourselves to give because the giving will automatically happen.  We plan on having our tithe automatically taken out of our bank account once a month. This will help us be more disciplined and faithful to give in 2014. I hope that you will think about automating your giving in 2014!

Below are three ways to automate your giving:

1) Sign up online for automated giving at:

2) Use the form below to have your gift deducted automatically from your bank account

3) Use the form below to have your gift processed automatically on a debit or credit card (NOTE: We offer the opportunity to donate by credit card as a convenience to those who manage their finances in a God-honoring way)

Click here to download the automated giving enrollment form

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