The 5 Most Read Blogs of 2018 - Baptism - Saul - Amalekites - Marriage & Singleness

The 5 Most Read Blogs of 2018

Curious as to what our blog readers were excited about reading in 2018? Here are Mercy Hill’s five most read blogs last year. If you missed these, now’s the time to see why so many people have read them.

1. 5 Reasons Not to Get Baptized

There are many reasons that people give for being baptized, but there is only one biblical reason that one should get baptized. If you are thinking about getting baptized or if you are talking to someone else about their getting baptized, here is a blog that can help the decision to be baptized be a biblical one.

2. Why Did God Command Saul to Eliminate the Amalekites?

There are a few issues that tend to trouble Christians and non-Christians alike. One is the problem of the existence of evil and suffering in the world, another is slavery in the OT. Probably one of the top five issues people have with God is his commanding of the Israelites to eliminate certain peoples (men, women, and children). This blog seeks to humbly bring some resolution to the issue from the available biblical evidence.

3. Reminding God in Prayer: Recounting His Works and Promises

An interesting thing about many of the great prayers in scripture is that they involve reminding God of what he said in the past. It seems ludicrous that these prayers would be “reminding” God of anything, but yet, the prayer warriors of the past, again and again, asked God to remember his promises. This is a model for us as Christians, and this blog can help you implement it.

4. Marriage Is Good; Singleness Is Better If . . .

When’s the last time you heard a Christian encourage another Christian in the great benefits of their singleness? If you were to compare the number of resources on Amazon available for single Christians and married Christians, you would see why many single Christians feel as if the church considers them lesser than the married. The church often presents earthly marriage as the ideal, mature state of the Christian. But this mindset is not biblical. This blog walks through what Paul says about singleness in 1 Corinthians 7.

5. Can Studying Glorify God?

It’s hard to see mundane tasks as acts of worship, but this blog explores why things as ordinary as the study life of a college student can be glorifying to God. There are two ways we can miss glorifying God in our study: (1) laziness and procrastination and (2) finding our identity in our grades. Check out this blog to start considering how you can do all (even the mundane) to the glory of God.

Hope you enjoy these blogs!

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)