The $100 Give!

These are exciting times at Mercy Hill Church! Through God’s grace we are coming to the close of building out a new facility. Hopefully by the end of this month (or beginning of April) we will be officially moving to our new location.

As we are right here in the home stretch, a few issues have come up that we want to bring before the congregation. First, we made the decision to put a separate bathroom in our new kids space. Secondly, permanently fixing all of our gear in the worship space is going to cost a bit more than expected. Finally. we decided to up fit the space with a good bit of new furniture rather than using some older and outdated pieces that we had. All of these decisions were made in community and with the overall mission in mind. While we didn’t see these costs at the beginning of the project, we feel they are necessary now as we continue to reach out to new folks here in Greensboro.

The $100 Give is a month long emphasis specifically designed to cover these costs in the month of March. It is our hope to raise as extra $20,000 this month to finish the project. We are asking member and attenders of Mercy Hill to commit to give $100 over their normal monthly give in order to reach this goal. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

– The $100 is over and beyond a normal monthly gift or “tithe”. In other words, we are asking people to give this $100 in addition to their normal giving.

– For some in our congregation, God has blessed you richly with the ability to give much more than $100. If that is the case, we would ask you to seek God and be open to giving more. But for all  who call Mercy Hill home, we would ask that you push this month and make this donation. We are a church that regularly gathers over 400 adults in worship. If only have of this number commits to The $100 Give we will meet our goal.

– If you have never given to Mercy Hill, this is a great opportunity to start! This $100 campaign is easy to get your mind around. You know exactly where it is going, and it is a specified amount. We hope this might be a great first step for some who have been around Mercy Hill for a while now.

– Lastly, you can give online or by check all through March. If giving by check please memo it to “The $100 Give”. If you are giving online there is a tab you can choose directly for this offering.

Thanks so much! I couldn’t be more excited about where God is taking this church. If you want to join the mission and give, click here.

Andrew Hopper, Lead Pastor



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