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Take A Break with Us; It’s Science

Finals can be daunting. I know because I’m the proud survivor of four years’ worth of finals. As the survivor of four years of finals, I know exactly what you need to do to make it through yours. While you’ve been getting together all your sources for your final papers and presentations, I’ve been getting together some sources of my own, sources that should sufficiently support how you should spend the afternoon of December 2, 2018. Take a break with us; it’s science.

You’re probably already dreading everything that comes with finals. You’re part of four different study groups. You’ve racked up all the Flex or Dining Dollars you have left and put it towards your “Coffee Will Keep Me Awake to Study” Fund. You’re planning your final day of freedom on Reading Day. You’ve also selected which days in the upcoming weeks will be all-nighters. Maybe you’ve even decided an outfit that you’d be okay with wearing for four days in a row.

But there’s one thing you all know is going to happen. It’s inevitable, and it’s almost always unplanned. What am I talking about? Study breaks.

1. The Wrong Kind of Study Breaks

Whether it’s your first #finalszn or seventh, think about how much time you waste scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or everyone’s favorite, old Vine videos. You can get caught in the vortex for ten minutes if you’re a super-focused studier who knows they need to get back to work. Perhaps you’re like me, though. Your brain is fried, and what was supposed to be a quick relief turns into an hour of watching ridiculous videos. Studies show that taking breaks on social media actually make you more distracted when you return to studying. However, there are good kinds of breaks. Breaks that make you more productive. So, take a break with us; it’s science.

2. The Right Kind of Study Breaks

Studies show that taking breaks during work or study allow you to recover. However, they have to be the right kind of breaks. Many researchers agree that the best kind of breaks involved socializing with other people. It allows you to relax, even if only for a few hours. You can get away from the stresses of studying and campus, which will actually help you perform better later when you get back to studying.

So, you have an opportunity before you. Let’s face it, you’re going to take a break or several breaks while you’re studying. They’re either going to be productive, or they’re not. Now that we’re being honest that you’re going to take a break, you should take it with us; it’s science.

You know what’s even better than taking the right kind of break. Planning to take that break. Guess what? We’ve already done it for you! So, whip out your phone or your planner and type/pencil it in.

On December 2, at 5:00 pm before MH College Live, we’re having a study break. There will be a coffee bus, popcorn bar, and Christmas cookies. We’ll even stream some Sunday football and play cornhole in ugly Christmas sweaters, which we highly encourage for everyone. Take a break with us; it’s science.

-Greta (College Team)