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Streamlined Discipleship

High School. Those two words alone have the ability to send shivers down the spine of parents and intimidate even the most confident of teenagers. These incredibly formative years pose many obstacles. They are loaded with new challenges. And they are filled with hundreds of pivotal decisions.

All too often, as teenagers struggle to find their identity, they choose options that are far less than eternally fulfilling (even if they grow up in a Christian home). For parents, it’s often a constant struggle to simply hold a meaningful conversation with their teenage son or daughter. Sound familiar?

So what’s the solution? Do we simply throw up a prayer in hopes that our kids will “just make it through” these awkward and difficult years? Is it merely about surviving or is there a possibility that our teenager can thrive during these life-shaping years?

We believe, as a church, that teenagers can indeed thrive through a personal relationship with Jesus. We don’t believe that teenagers are just the future of the church – we believe that they can play an active role in the church…today! And it’s our desire to help teenagers realize that the greatest life he/she can live is a life lived for Jesus…right now, right where they are.

At Mercy Hill Church, we have created a streamlined process of discipleship from babies all the way through college that equips parents to disciple their child. And during these difficult teenage years, we want to come alongside you and your teenager in order to see them truly believe the gospel and walk boldly in their faith. One of the primary ways that we do this is through our “712” student ministry.

In just a few days – on Wednesday, August 26th – our “712” student ministry will re-launch for the Fall. This is an amazing time where we gather seventh through twelfth graders together during the week to have an insane amount of fun and learn about Jesus. Furthermore, your teenager will connect with student ministry leaders who are more than eager to walk alongside of them in his/her faith journey. And they will be confronted with the life-giving power of the gospel that will propel them through the maze that is junior high and high school.

If you’ve been a part of “712” before, we look forward to seeing you again. But if you haven’t we invite you to give it a try. I promise…it won’t be any more awkward than a high school cafeteria (and the food is way better).

Imagine what it would look like if every teenager at Mercy Hill believed that Jesus was who He said He was and lived in response to that.

For more information about our student ministry and “712” please visit our student ministry page.