• Mercy Hill Church - MH College - Sent Initiative

Like many of you, I moved to North Carolina for college and somehow found myself in a car filled with new friends headed to Mercy Hill. I found myself attending weekly services, regularly showing up to a small group, and then underwater in one of those steel horse troughs they use for baptisms.

A Summer Wasted

When they started to talk about City Project, I found myself saying, “Maybe next year” and figured there was something better I could do with my time. After finals, I was back living with my parents, picking up odd jobs, and hanging out with my old high school friends. Pretty soon summer was over, and when I drove back to NC for my sophomore year, I knew I had wasted three months.

When classes started again, I was now the one inviting new freshman to Mercy Hill and driving people to small group. As soon as City Project was mentioned this time, I knew I didn’t want a repeat of last summer, so I signed up. That was a decision I won’t ever regret. I didn’t hear the audible voice of God, and I didn’t “feel called” (or even know what that actually meant). I just knew I wanted to grow spiritually alongside like-minded college students and find out what it means to live a “Sent Life.”

A Summer Sent

I had a blast. I spent my first week in New York City sharing the gospel and building relationships with students from other colleges in the Triad. Back in Greensboro, I lived with a family from Mercy Hill for a month, worked an internship, and developed friendships with the pastors each morning during theological training and eating meals in their homes. I finished the last two weeks living in the jungles of Peru among the Yanesha people group whom Mercy Hill is trying to reach. It was the antithesis of the previous summer I had wasted.

Pretty soon, City Project was over. I went home to visit my parents, and when I drove back to NC this time, I not only knew what it meant to live a “Sent Life,” but also was now fully on board. I guess I thought if you were a Christian, you either lived here and gave money to the church or lived overseas and the church gave money to you. But what if our profession, skills, and the company we work for could actually open doors for us to live in some of the most unreached places in the world—areas vocational missionaries can’t go. City Project opened my eyes to the idea of moving overseas and working in a strategic place that needs both my skills and the gospel.

A Life Sent

The following summer, I spent three months working in SE Asia. When I flew back to NC for my senior year, I knew I wanted to live overseas after I graduated. Right now, I am back in SE Asia, writing this blog post in a coffee shop where no one is speaking English and everyone is in need of the gospel. I am incredibly grateful God used City Project during a summer in college to lead me overseas long-term. Through sharing my vocation, the gospel of Christ, and my life as well, I pray that God will open hearts to see a great need for him in order that “ALL the peoples praise You” (Psalm 67:5).

-Mercy Hill Member (name not included for security)