Hey Mercy Hill,

We are really excited about the Equip seminars this season. It feels like we have found a good balance between the seminars that the church wants and seminars that the church needs. For example, a question that we are commonly asked is “Do you have any resources on how to study the Bible?” So, we developed a seminar that is meant to be a ground-up introduction to the Bible and how to study it—it’s called How to Read the Bible.

Another seminar we are offering is Biblical Parenting. We’ve offered this seminar before, but it is being tweaked by our Kids and Student directors in order to be more applicable to parenting kids of all ages in a gospel-centered way.

We’ve discovered some ways that we can make the Marriage & Family seminar better, and so, we have changed some things around and called it Marriage Matters. The seminar will be led by different elders and their spouses and will be designed to be an ultra-practical workshop-style seminar that can be a great help to those getting married, already married, or whose marriage is in crisis.

Many of you have enjoyed going through the book of James in the Of Two Minds sermon series, but there were some sections of the book that we skipped over. We are offering a seminar called, A Study in James, which will hit those passages that were skipped.

And as always, we are offering Financial Peace University. Mercy Hill is a big believer in a Christian’s call to generosity, and sometimes the first step towards being generous is getting one’s financial house in order. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace has a proven track record of helping many people pay off large amounts of debt and set them on a path to financial freedom.

We think we are starting the year off on the right foot and are excited about what’s to come. Some of these classes may not be held for the rest of the year, so don’t miss out. Click here to sign up today!

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)