Snakes on…Malta?

A helpful message from lead pastor Andrew Hopper.

A couple weeks ago in the sermon I brought up what I think is an interesting point about people who contend with Scripture. Often the nature of their arguments really expose their hearts. Of course there are people who have honest questions and are genuinely seeking truth. But other times we find ourselves dealing with absurd arguments and then realize, this isn’t about truth at all. Actually it is more about rebellion than anything else. 

The sermon recounts how after being ship wrecked Paul is bitten by a “vipor”. Here is the excerpt from the Sermon…

“One interesting point about Acts 28:3 is that this is often a verse used to discredit the Bible. Some who are against the validity and authenticity of the Bible argue that there are no poisonous snakes on Malta and therefore the Bible must be mistaken here.”
“To this point I say…are you absolutely out of your mind? We really now think that through some ‘scientific’ study we can unmistakably prove that there were no poisonous snakes on this island, that is 18×8 miles accross, 2000 years ago? To me that takes more faith than believing in God, Jesus, Jonah, and Noah’s Ark combined! It just goes to show us, people are willing to place their faith in something be it science, humanism, or whatever…so long as its not in God”
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