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How You Could Literally Save A Life

It is no secret that there is a cultural battle raging in our country. We see rumblings of this battle all around us. We see it on social media, we see it on the evening news, and we see it in one court case after another. It’s a battle for the most noble of causes—the battle for life itself.   Here’s the problem, personally, I hate conversing over matters of such importance over social media, the evening news (while important) is most often discouraging, and I have no place in a courtroom (beyond jury duty…which seems to find me every 2 years on the dot). So what do I do? Probably what most of you do as well. I engage the topic in face to face conversations with those of a different opinion and when it comes time to vote I show up to the polls and vote based on my morals, but I know that beyond that, many of us feel powerless to do anything to protect the unborn.

And that is exactly why I am writing this post to inform you that we each have a chance to potentially save a life…to be a part of the solution in a very real and tangible way. This Saturday (07/25) is “Serve Saturday” at Mercy Hill. We will be involved in serving all over our city, meeting various needs and one of the organizations we are partnering with is the Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. Our task we will be performing with the Care Center is simple. We will be performing a short survey in the Glenwood neighborhood of Greensboro that will give the Care Center valuable information to help them in the fight for life.

Beyond the simple survey, we will ultimately be exposing the people of the Glenwood neighborhood to the services that the Care Center provides and the impact of this cannot be overstated. If just one person we come into contact with learns of the Care Center and consequently decides to choose life for their unborn child (or future unborn child) then all of our efforts will have been completely and totally worth it. In truth, if we reached every neighborhood and every person in the Triad and just one person decided to choose life for their unborn child, then it would be worth it! So don’t let this opportunity pass you by; don’t sit on the sidelines. Make the decision to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. You can sign up to partner with the Care Center this Saturday by following this link.

– Randy Titus (Community Groups Director)