Rewinds and Recaps – Mercy Hill in ’11

As the New Year is officially underway and almost all of your resolutions are now a bust, we decided now is as good as time as any to catch you up to speed on what God has been doing in the life of Mercy Hill.

Two thousand and eleven was a year marked with many exciting moments for us as a team.  We began the year with 10 people who committed to uproot their lives and move to Greensboro.  Since then we have added 20 team members with that number growing as each week passes.  As the team grew we started meeting on Sunday nights where Andrew cast vision for us as a church and we began praying fervently together for how God will use us in Greensboro.

In October, we launched our website and officially became known as Mercy Hill Church.  Since then, Andrew, Bobby and Jeremy have blazed the fundraising trail making trips to Florida, South Carolina, Philadelphia, and all over our own state of North Carolina.  We have seen God give us immense favor with potential partner churches further demonstrating how God graciously answers prayer.  At the close of the year, Mercy Hill had four total partner churches who are dedicated to praying for and giving to the work of Mercy Hill Church.

In early November, the Mercy Hill team took a weekend to retreat to the mountains of North Carolina.  While taking in the gorgeous landscape, 30 team members spent the weekend worshiping God.  Andrew and Bobby laid out our specific vision to be a church where the gospel saves, sanctifies, gathers, and sends.  We also set some enormous goals for our first five years, anticipating what our great God will do.

Also in November, Mercy Hill hosted a vision day at the Summit Church in Durham. Seventy-five people of different ages, ethinicities and occupations showed up to hear from Andrew about how they could be involved in planting a church in Greensboro.  Despite losing his voice, Andrew was able to cast a big vision that reflects our belief in a big God and many new connections and networks were built.

Finally, Mercy Hill celebrated the birth of our Savior the best way we know how – a party.  In December, Mercy Hill hosted a Christmas party where 30 team members, potential team members, friends and family joined together to celebrate all that God has done over the course of the year for us as a church planting team.

We are overwhelmed with how God has answered and provided for us in the past year.  It is an incredible reminder that God is the sole means by which a church is planted and it is only in His power that the gospel goes out and lives are changed.  Despite all of the ongoing needs and work to be done before the big move, we are wholly expectant that God will go before us and continue to astound us in His goodness and love.

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