November 1-3, 2019

Crowne Plaza | 1385 Lenoir Rhyne Blvd SE, Hickory, NC 28602

We are excited for this year’s Community Group Leaders’ Retreat coming up in November. This year, we have added breakout titles and descriptions to the registration form and ask that you go ahead and select a breakout for each of our two breakout sessions on Saturday morning. This will help us better prepare for each breakout by knowing how many people are attending.

Please note: Registration for the retreat is one form per person. If married, please have your spouse register separately. 


Title: Resting in God when I believe that others need me.
Description: Members need CG Leaders to care about their circumstances.  This is especially true when there is a sin struggle, marital struggle, or life crisis.  We tend to believe that CG members need us even more than their dependence and direction by God.  This session is meant to deal with the tension of understanding God’s responsibility vs. our responsibility.

Title: Leading on Empty
Description: This session will provide an overview summary of Wayne Cordeiro’s Leading On Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion.  Participants will experience and discuss the warning signs of burnout, lessons-learned due to lack of rest, and the absolute need for rest.  Participants will also be encouraged to obtain this book as a resource and tool for their own leadership development.

Title: Pouring Out Necessitates Resting Well
Description: Pouring into our community group members while pouring into our families and the rest of life takes much effort mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We will discuss how we can rest well while aiming to make disciples and fulfill the Great Commission.

Title:  Looking for Rest In all the Wrong Places
Description: We tend to look for rest in all the wrong places.  Indeed, many of the activities we need for physical rest can keep us from the spiritual rest that God provides.

Title: When the Physical Impacts the Spiritual
Description: God has made us with both body and spirit but we tend to neglect our need for physical rest at the expense of spiritual rest. The physical world we live in has limitations, which is a reminder of our constant need for God’s strength in our life. Sometimes this comes in the form of spiritual encouragement and sometimes it comes in the form of a nap. This session will discuss the tension between caring for our souls while also caring for our bodies.

Title: Spiritual Rest as Fuel for Daily Living
Description: This session is meant to emphasize why rest is essential to our knowing our true identity, how to embrace the rhythm of word and rest, identifying if/when we are engulfed in ministry in an unhealthy way, all while also acknowledging areas where we are and are not replaceable.

Title: Restfully Walking with Others Through Suffering
Description: Daily life in a fallen world is hard.  Our group members experience grief, loss, and disappointment in overwhelming degrees. How can we minister to the hearts of those suffering while also maintaining peace and balance within our own homes? This session will unpack three vital truths about earthly suffering and the power of the Holy Spirit to provide rest and restoration.

Title: Making Disciples AND Resting Well (Apprentices/1st Year)
Description:  I’m a new community group leader (apprentice or year 1), now what? As you prepare and progress in leading your group, there will arise challenges to face in shepherding people well.  This interactive session will equip you with practical strategies, provide collaborative opportunities and help troubleshoot scenarios relevant to leading a MH Community Group.

(***This last one is the only change from Session 1 and Session 2) Please note that it needs to be different for apprentices in session 1 and 1st-year leaders in session 2)