Resources for your ride home…

Let me create an all too familiar scenario that happens almost weekly in the Dager car ride home from church.

Me (to my almost four year old daughter):  Sweetheart what did you learn at church tonight?

Her: Nothing…(silence).

Me (slightly agitated): Well you must have learned something – tell me what you learned?

Her: I don’t know…(more silence).

And around and around we go until one of us starts crying…usually me.

Thankfully though this is a thing of the past.  The Gospel Project – a great resource we use to help teach our kids at Mercy Hill about the Bible – has put together an app that can help you follow along with your child each week.  The app is laid out with the specific stories and major points that your child will learn each week.  There could not be a better tool for families to talk about God’s Word and see your children grow in their love for the Bible and Jesus.

Check out this link and go download it.

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