Remembering God's Generosity First

We’re excited to have a guest post from Mercy Hill covenant member and community group leader, Mark Bowles, about his family’s approach to Generous December.  Enjoy!


Last year’s Generous December was off the charts! God came through in a major way and allowed our young church to give above and beyond our $10K goal. It was amazing to see and to take part in it. I’m expecting God will come through big again this year in round two.

As Rachel and I consider giving this year, we can’t help but first remember God’s generosity toward us in the gospel. Though our sin earned us death, Jesus intervened on our behalf to give us life. He did not count our sin against us. Instead, he took our sin upon himself and died the death we deserved. He sacrificed himself to adopt us as his own. This is the new life Jesus gives. It is a priceless gift! We deserve nothing, but God gives us everything in Jesus.

This gospel motivates our lives. Because Jesus poured out his life for us, we want to do the same for him. We want to lay down our lives to make his name famous around the world so that all peoples may know him. In fact, we feel compelled to pack up our lives in Greensboro and go to the nations for this cause. And if God wills it, we will go.

But we’re in a waiting season right now. We’re staying put in Greensboro to be equipped by the church. Sometimes this season is hard. The waiting isn’t always fun. When we hear about the BILLIONS of people who don’t know Jesus and couldn’t if they wanted to because they don’t know a single Christian, we want to quit our jobs, pack our suitcases, and get on a plane tomorrow to share the good news with them. We feel the urgency of this situation. We want to go. But we don’t because we see wisdom in being equipped. So we wait with readiness to go. This tension is tough.

In this tension, we still look for ways to respond to the gospel and make sacrifices for the fame of Jesus now. Generous December provides us a great avenue for this. When we finally look to give to this campaign, we realize our money is going to support church planting. We believe in church planting because the church is God’s demonstration community. Through the church, God makes his gospel known. This is what we desire. By giving to Generous December, we get to support other churches around the world that are making Jesus famous!

With that said, we are pumped to give this year! There’s no greater joy than the joy of laying our lives down at the feet of Jesus.


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