Re-Group: your opportunity to sign up for Community Groups at Mercy Hill

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We get it. Life is crazy and schedules are always changing, that’s why Community Groups are now structured as 10 week sessions. Every 10 weeks, we’ll take time to Re-Group. You can either choose to commit to another session with your current Group or sign up for a different group if needed. The goal is that these groups meet the demands of life while continuing to help you follow Jesus with others. We strongly believe that Community is vital to discipleship and encourage everyone to sign up for a Community Group this session!

FALL SESSION: September 13, 2020 – November 21, 2020

Benefits of ReGroup

Grow Through Community

10 Week Sessions

Accomodate Life Changes

Are You Already in a Group?

Great! If your group works for you, we encourage you to stay with that Community and continue to grow your relationships with those brothers and sisters in Christ. To help us stay on track with group openings, please be sure to commit to your existing group for another 10 week session. We look forward to hearing how God moves within your group!

Need a Group?

Whether you’re new to Mercy Hill or you’ve lost touch with your past group, you can simply sign up for a Community Group that works for your life and your schedule. Click below to browse options for Community Groups. Once you commit to a 10 week session you’ll hear from your leader about next steps. We’re excited to have you join us!


The way to sign up for a community group (CG) at Mercy Hill for the Fall 2020 CG Session. 

In light of the current cultural pandemic, individuals and families have had to reassess schedules, meeting preferences, and their weekly availabilityWith these changes, MH leadership has felt the need to allow for CG’s and their members to “ReGroup” based on changes that may have come about.  ReGroup provides CG’s and their members to express their commitment to a Community Group for the upcoming 10-week Fall 2020 CG Session.   


The Fall 2020 CG session will begin the week of September 13th and end the week of November 15th 

In summary: CG will meet in a variety of ways based on the expressed preferences of the respective CG members.   Some CG’s will only meet virtually.  Some CG’s will meet in person in safe socially distanced mannerWhile other CG’s will meet using a combination of both virtual and safe socially distanced in-person gatherings).  

Yes. In light of the cultural pandemic, many individuals and families have reassessed schedules and meeting preferences.  By signing up and committing to a CG via ReGroup, each CG member is confirming the CG that they’ll be a part of for the upcoming 10-week session. 


You will not automatically be removed from the roster of your current community group. However, if you are not able to attend this session, we want you to find another group that works for this season and sign up for that one.



You can simply complete the Help me find a CG Form on the ReGroup page and someone from our Campus Pastoral Team will follow up with you.