Redemption Church exists to lead a restless culture to the redeeming Savior.

Meet the Mundy Family

Carter and Tamara are native Roanokers. They both graduated from college in 2009, Tamara from Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, and Carter from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. They got married and took a hard right turn to go to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

In the back of their minds, they thought they may return to Roanoke one day to plant a church, but God wanted to develop them over time first. They moved for seminary the week after their honeymoon where, for the next three years, Carter earned a master’s degree in Christian ethics. Meanwhile, they plugged into The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham and quickly became passionate about The Summit’s vision for reaching the world through church planting.

So in 2012, Carter and Tamara were sent out of The Summit as members of a church planting team. With 30 other people who moved from Raleigh-Durham, they helped launch Mercy Hill Church. During the seven years since planting Mercy Hill, Carter has served the church as a community group leader, shepherding elder, and directional elder. Vocationally, he helped lead Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center for over six years, while Tamara has had the full-time job of raising their three children.

Finally, God led them back to thoughts of planting a church in Roanoke, and they just couldn’t resist his call any longer. When they thought of the more than 1000 baptisms Mercy Hill Church has seen over the last seven years, the numerous marriages brought back from the brink, the overall cultural influence the church has had in Greensboro, and more, they just knew they had been in the midst of something like a gospel-centered revival. Now they’re hungry to take that experience back to Roanoke. Carter and Tamara can’t wait to see who God will save and how he will change the culture through Redemption Church.

I am the target text.

A Place of Need

  • Regional population of approximately 300,000
  • 61% of total population has no religious affiliation (“the nones”)
  • In a 60-mile radius, there are 21 institutions of higher learning (including Virginia Tech and Liberty), representing over 100,000 students
  • 7,000 refugees have settled in Roanoke over 40 years
  • Center for medical research and care; yet 9-10 children aborted there weekly
  • One of the top 100 places to raise a family in U.S.; yet 1 in 4 children live in a single parent home, 1 in 5 marriages end in divorce (double the national average), and 1 in 9 marriages were same-sex in 2015 (highest in Virginia)

A Place for Our Strategy

Our strategy is to make, shape, and multiply disciples. A disciple at Redemption Church is someone who follows Jesus and leads the culture.

We believe this cycle is fueled by the gospel. The gospel makes Jesus-followers (Rom. 1:16; Rom. 10:14-15); shapes them into the image of Jesus (Phil. 1:6; 2 Pet. 3:18); and multiplies those (Acts 2:47; 16:5) who are commissioned to go out and lead others back to Jesus (Matt. 28:18-20; Luke 24:44-49).

I am the target text.


Radically ordinary hospitality—inviting others into our homes and lives—is one of the most effective ways to introduce unbelieving neighbors to Jesus through personal acts of love and service, that then lead to opportunities to share the gospel with words and call people to respond (evangelism). Hospitality can be scaled, from individuals to families to small groups to the church organization itself. We will bring our neighbors in, no matter who they are, to engage the culture with the gospel.

Community Service

As Christians, we are called to go into our community to serve our neighbors with authentic love, asking for nothing in return. This naturally gives us the opportunity to share the hope we have in knowing Jesus, the One who ultimately left his home to serve us. We will go out to the community as a way to practically love and engage the culture with the gospel.


We are called to gather for gospel-centered worship (Heb. 10:25). Therefore, we will “meet big” as a local body every week. We are also called to hold one another accountable and to live on mission together (Acts 2:42-47). Therefore, we will “meet small” in groups of 12-15 people every week. These small groups will form the core of our discipleship strategy. We will meet big and small to shape disciples who create a new culture.


Christians further along in their faith journey are called to pour into those who are coming up behind them (Titus 2). We will coach at two levels. Coaching in big groups enables shepherding elders to pastor and equip the church effectively (Eph. 4:11-12). Coaching in groups of two or three people enables accountability and Christian maturity (James 5:16). We will coach big and small to shape disciples who create a new culture.


We want to multiply small groups and coaching groups often. Our goal is to keep 80% of our committed members in small groups and coaching groups. So developing leaders is a key part of multiplication. Through our leadership pipeline, as well as all members seeking to serve the church in some way, we will multiply groups all over the city to spread the good news and transform culture.


We want to multiply churches. Our goal is to raise up and plant a church within the first three (3) years of our existence—one of many more to come. New churches statistically reach more lost people than churches 3-years-old or older. This is the New Testament method for making disciples. So we will multiply churches in the United States and around the world to transform culture.

I am the target text.

Mercy Hill Church - New City Church - Our Beliefs
  • The gospel is the good news about Jesus perfect life, sacrificial death, and miraculous resurrection. It is the center and foundation for who we are and all we do as a church.
  • The gospel is the true story of the whole world as told through the grand biblical narrative, with Jesus as the central character.
  • The gospel is the power of God for salvation, and our only motivation for heart-change and obedience.
  • Multiplying disciples means exponentially reproducing new Jesus-followers who make more Jesus-followers.
  • Multiplying disciples is the mission of God in the world and the legacy we’re all part of as Christians.
  • Multiplying disciples leads to mobilizing leaders who engage the culture to advance God’s kingdom in the world.
  • Intriguing to a watching world.
  • Community is what produces both spiritual maturity and numeric growth in the church.
  • In community, we multiply disciples and mobilize leaders.
  • We demonstrate hospitality as a result of the hospitality shown to us by Jesus.
  • Hospitality demonstrates the effects of redemption and the love of Christ by bringing outsiders into our fellowship.
  • Hospitality is the primary way we will engage our non-believing neighbors in a restless culture.

Redemption Church affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

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  • Phase 1: Prepare

    September – December 2019

    • Vision Development
    • Team Building
    • Fundraising
  • Phase 2: Develop

    January – April 2020

    • Develop and Equip Launch Team
    • Continue Fundraising
    • Continue Vision and Organization Development
  • Phase 3: Engage

    May – August 2020

    • Team Moves to Roanoke
    • Jobs, Community Engagement, Practice Hospitality
    • Meet as a Launch Team, Prepare for Launch
  • Phase 4: Launch

    September 2020

    • Invite
    • Start Meeting Big and Small
    • Start Coaching Big and Small
  • Phase 5: Grow & Send

    Beginning January 2021

    • Develop leaders through our strategy
    • Send out short term trips
    • Develop and send out a church planter (by 3rd year)


I am the target text.

Pray for the launch team and the people of Roanoke. We believe God works in the world through the prayers of his people. Everyone should pray for the kingdom to advance! Pray with us that God will spark a gospel-centered revival; that He will prepare people to receive our hospitality and the gospel; that our team will be bold to love people and share the gospel with them; that he will make us more like Jesus daily and have healthy relationships with one another; that he will bless our team members lives, especially with jobs, and prosper all their ways.

Give generously to fuel the mission in Roanoke. We can only go as far as the generosity of God’s people will take us. Church plants with greater funding in the first three (3) years reach more lost people faster. Additionally, churches who sponsor church plants are shown to have increased attendance by 22%, giving by 48%, and designated gifts toward missions by 77% for the five years after sponsoring a church plant. God blesses our generosity! Please consider how much you’re willing to sacrifice in order to see God’s kingdom advance through our church plant. We could potentially impact thousands of people over the next five years (and more!), and it will all start with your generosity.

Plug into our launch team, or plug others in who already live in Roanoke. Connect us to people who want to join our mission, or people who may need our hospitality once we arrive. Also ask yourself, Why shouldn’t I go? How are you fulfilling the Great Commission? People are the mission, so we hope to connect with as many people as we can.