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Re-Imagining My Summer

I had been out of school five years when I made the seemingly abrupt decision to go back to pursue a graduate degree this past year. While I actually enjoy the process of learning, one aspect of school I had forgotten about during my time away was the built-in breaks afforded by the academic calendar. What a pleasure it was to be reacquainted to the concept of the fall, winter, and spring break!

I quickly began to look forward to days off and began to plan for how I would spend my upcoming summer break. I could use the summer in a number of ways that might seem practical to others. This includes working to earn money, taking classes, pursuing an internship, or just taking time to relax. And while any of those options would have served me well, meditating on Scripture prompted me to use my time in a different way to serve God and make much of him.

This summer, I have the opportunity to lead a team of two undergraduate students to South Asia for two months where we will conduct evangelical outreach with the unreached people groups in the area. This is a fancy way of saying that we will be talking about Jesus with those who have never heard about him before! During our two months, we will be helping make connections with nationals for our partners on the field as well as leading short-term church teams who visit over the summer.

The Call to All Christians

Following his resurrection, Jesus ends his ministry on earth by commissioning his disciples. Matthew records Jesus’ words as follows,

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20).

This is not a Christian ideal or vague notion; it’s an explicit command from God for all Christians to see that the unreached know his Name. And it is from this command that I turn over my summer to God.

Generosity Extends Far Beyond Our Wallets

Around Mercy Hill, you will often hear the phrase, “Generosity fuels the mission.” It took some time for me to realize that generosity meant more than giving of my finances to the church and the mission of God. While it does not exclude financial giving, generosity is ultimately a willingness to submit all aspects of your life: your time, your money, your talents, your relationships, your future career choices, and your very life to God. When we submit these to God, he gets the glory, not us. And in the process, others get to learn about him and have the opportunity for relationship with him.

It is a scary thing, transferring over the control of your life to someone else. But when you know that you are giving it over to the all-powerful, all-knowing, and loving God, that fear lessens. Prior to his commissioning the disciples, Jesus hung on a cross, taking on the full wrath of God for the sin of humanity, dying in my place and in the place of all who believe in him. He did not hold back even his life so that I would get eternity with him.

In light of this, there is nothing I would hold back from the one who gave it all for me. And I would give everything over to him so that others would get to hear of him for the first time and learn about the only true and lasting hope that is found at the cross. It is a privilege and awe-inducing thing to be used by God to advance his mission, and I am grateful for the opportunity to do that in this way this summer.

You Can Partner with Us by Praying for Us

Please pray for my team and for our college students traveling around the country and the world over the summer to share the gospel with others. Pray that the Lord would be preparing the hearts of those we will meet. Pray that each of us would grasp a vision for what long-term mission or church-planting work could look like in these contexts. Lastly, pray that our efforts and those of our partners on the mission field would succeed in seeing the gospel go further in South Asia and in all places where Jesus is not known.

-College Community Group Leader
Name hidden to protect the security of those with whom they will be working this summer.