Where We Are

Our third quarter has been incredible. In just these three short months, we’ve seen almost 1,200 people worship with us for the first time! I praise God for these numbers. It is incredible to think about the kingdom impact this could have long term. Many of them will connect to Mercy Hill and be discipled over the coming months. It is also worth noting that over 200 of those first-time guests were college students attending our College Live service. I know many of you have not experienced what is happening there, but it feels like revival. If we can reach the campus, we can reach the world, and having new students connect each week is a step in that direction. As we continue to be generous with all those resources God has given to us. I pray that we will continue to give with open hands knowing that God can do more than we can ask or imagine.

– Andrew Hopper

We’ve already seen God do some amazing things in and through our church through Together. Below you’ll find concrete numbers for what this faith journey has looked like. Keep in mind, however, that each number represents a person, a life changed, and altered by and for the gospel—and that is cause to celebrate.


Baptisms in Quarter 3


People sent cross-culture.


Locations around the world