Where We Are

God blessed us mightily in the first few months of 2018! His hand moved in our church in incredible ways. While there are many things I could point to already in 2018, a bright spot among them is the launch of the Edgefield campus. The campus launched with fully staffed volunteer teams, almost 600 in attendance, and has had dozens of first-time guests! All of this is for the glory of God, but it is also for our joy. God doesn’t have to choose to work through us in this way, but He is and we praise Him for it. – Andrew Hopper

We’ve already seen God do some amazing things in and through our church through Together. Below you’ll find concrete numbers for what this faith journey has looked like. Keep in mind, however, that each number represents a person, a life changed, and altered by and for the gospel—and that is cause to celebrate.

Edgefield Campus