Mercy Hill Church 5 Year Anniversary Blog Alex Nolette

Prayer Moves the Hand of God

Mercy Hill,

As you all know, we are coming up on our 5 Year Anniversary which will be celebrated at all campuses and all services on September 10th, and we are really excited. We want as many people as possible to celebrate with us what God has been doing. And hopefully, through prayer, we desire to have people come who have never heard the gospel, so that they can hear it and believe it.

This is why we have been equipping you all who want to invite people with tools like social media images, merchandise, and inviter cards. These are all great ways to get a conversation started. This week, we are equipping you with probably the most important thing that we can give you: Prayer points.

John Piper says this of prayer:

Now we can say again, safely and stunningly, what the awesome place of prayer is in the purpose of God to fill the earth with his glory. Not only has God made the accomplishment of his purposes hang on the preaching of the Word, but he has also made the success of that preaching hang on prayer. God’s goal to be glorified will not succeed without the powerful proclamation of the gospel. And that gospel will not be proclaimed in power to the nations without the prevailing, earnest, faith-filled prayers of God’s people. That purpose won’t happen without prayer.

We can be as faithful as we can in proclaiming the gospel Sunday-in and Sunday-out and also in our own sharing of the gospel with others in the everyday, but unless God delivers the message past hearts of stone, people will not be saved. And often God is waiting for us to pray for these things. Why? For two reasons: (1) If he waits for us to pray before he acts, we can be sure that it was him when our prayers are answered, and then the glory is his alone (2) our praying shows our acknowledgment that we need God. And we surely do.

Here are the prayer points that you will be equipped with at our services this week.

1. First Time Guests

  • Pray for new people to visit Mercy Hill during our 5 Year Anniversary services.

2. College After Party

  • Pray for our largest college attendance ever for our College After Party event.

3. Church-Wide Attendance

  • Pray for our largest attendance ever for our 5 Year Anniversary services.

4. 5 Year Catalyst

  • Pray that our 5 Year Anniversary will be a catalyst for mission in the life of our church.

Please commit to pray with us for God to do these things. Remember that we celebrate numbers at Mercy Hill because each number represents a person who will hear the gospel message and will, we pray, be devastatingly and wonderfully changed by it. This is the heart of God.

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)