Partner Churches (pt.2)

This week we started a series where we highlight the various churches that have partnered with Mercy Hill in taking the gospel to Greensboro.  We are so grateful for these partnerships and we hope that in highlighting these churches you are encouraged by the partnerships, which exist because of what Jesus has done for us.  Today we are spotlighting Connection Fellowship located in Piedmont, South Carolina.

Connection Fellowship began in 2004 with the vision of three families to reach the surrounding community for Christ.  In the following year a team of 25 people began meeting publically and the church has grown rapidly since.  The church’s goal over the past seven years has been to reach people that normally would not be willing or able to go to a traditional church.  Therefore they have worked diligently to find innovative ways to reach the lost and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Art has been personally involved in the Mercy Hill church plant for nearly 7 years! That is how long he has been an incredible friend and encouragement to our lead pastor Andrew Hopper. According to Andrew pastor Art, “has been behind us before there was an ‘us’. He is for us and would honestly do anything in his power to help Mercy Hill Church.”

When Connection Fellowship commits to partner they take it very, very seriously. We are so blessed to have their attention turned toward us. We know, without a doubt, that we will be prayed for over the next 3 years and that we will have helping hands from Connection folks whenever we have a need.

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