Partner Church (pt.4)

We continue to take a look at the churches that have invested so much into the launch of Mercy Hill Church.  As a church we are immensely grateful for the selfless generosity of these churches, which in turn have already provided us with opportunities to reach people for Christ in Greensboro.  Today we feature First Baptist Church located in Orange Park, Florida.

First Baptist Church of Orange Park is situated conveniently amidst the rapdidly growing suburbs of Jacksonville, Florida.  The church is an established presence in the community with a thriving congregation and a top knotch staff.   FBC of Orange Park continues to strategically find new ways to reach the community and offer a welcoming gospel-centered home for the growing members of the Orange Park community.

Pastor Dave is someone Andrew knows from all the way back in High School! He is an incredible pastor with a heart that beats for the Gospel. Under his leadership First Baptist Church Orange Park, Fla continues to thrive. They are a church that serves the community and seek the lost diligently.

First Baptist Church Orange Park, Fla. is a real example for Mercy Hill to follow. As God blesses them they immediately turn and bless others! God really is pouring out his Spirit upon their congregation as they growth both in number, influence, and resources. But they do not pool His blessing. Rather they continue to be a conduit for the blessing of God to flow into the community. Also, this church represents support from Pastor Andrew’s hometown. It is always good to know that although you are ministering 3 states away, there are people at home who are thinking and praying for you often. For our pastor, the partnership with FBC Orange Park has been a real encouragement.

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