Partner Church (pt.3)

Last week we began a series that highlighted the various churches who have partnered with Mercy Hill in bringing the gospel to Greensboro.  These partnerships reflect the deep communal bond that is formed when church members and leaders understand what it is the gospel has saved us from and saved us into.  We are eternally grateful for those that have come alongside us with prayer, people, and other invaluable resources.

Today we continue to spotlight those churches by thanking Integrity Church in Greenville, NC for its partnership with Mercy Hill

Integrity Church was planted just a few years ago.  However, despite still being in its early years, this church has made an incredible impact for the kingdom of God in its local city, the state of North Carolina, and around the world.  Located near the campus of East Carolina University, this church has seen rapid growth with both college students and families.  Their emphasis on the integral role of the gospel for the family and the community has allowed God to use them in order to bring restoration to their city.

Andrew met Pastor Ben a few years ago on the way home from a church planting conference in New York. At that time Ben had just planted Integrity Church in Grenville, NC. There are two things about Ben that stood out then, and stand out now. First, he is a worker! By example, he has shown the type of effort it takes to see a church planted. Secondly, Ben is a living model of what it means to love a particular people and particular city. We have been extremely blessed to know Ben and have his example to follow.

Integrity Church has been for Mercy Hill from the start. They have really blessed us in a couple of ways. First, they partnered early. In church planting you come to realize just how important momentum is. Integrity Church has done so much for Mercy Hill simply in being very prompt to partner and give support. Secondly, Integrity (much like Salem Chapel) is very generous even though they aren’t that “old”. We hope and pray that Mercy Hill will be generous as we have been shown generosity.

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