Mercy Hill Church - Redemption Heights Church Plant - Philadelphia, PA

Part of Our Heart Is Leaving for Philly

At Mercy Hill, we get excited about church planting because church plants increase gospel presence exponentially around the world. Indeed, the church is God’s plan A for the world. Not only are we seeing the gospel preached, people baptized, and lives shaped by the Spirit here at Mercy Hill, but when a church is planted in a place like Philadelphia, PA, we get to see and be a part of what God will do through their faithfulness in bringing the gospel to their neighborhood in west Philly.

Through the Together Initiative, we are all involved in Mark and Whitney Turner’s efforts. We all have skin in the game such that we all will rejoice when we hear of the salvation that God is bringing to Philly through the word about Christ. But let us not just partner with them financially, but also (and more importantly) let’s partner with them in prayer. And maybe God is already after you about joining them in presence, calling you to join the launch team. Church, let’s never forget the weight of what we get to be involved in through God’s calling. In whatever way we can, let us stitch our hearts to the mission of God through the church plants we partner with, rejoicing when they rejoice and weeping when they weep.

-Alex Nolette (Community Groups/Equip Coordinator)


Redemption Heights Church 2018 from Mercy Hill Church on Vimeo.