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Our Hearts Are What Matter This Commitment Weekend

Mercy Hill,

Commitment Weekend is almost here (Thursday and Sunday). This is a time where, quite literally, we can put what we’ve been learning in the sermon series into practice. In one sense, it’s an easy thing. All we are doing is filling out a card with our commitment and possibly setting up our bank accounts to autodraft every month. But in another sense, it is both difficult and radical. The sacrifice could be difficult for us as we may be giving up daily routines or impending purchases that would be pleasing to us. It also could be radical from an outside view because it’s rare that people commit to give a chunk of their finances to a cause for two years. So, to many, it seems crazy.

What we have been hearing as an undertone playing all throughout the Together series is that God needs to move in our hearts for us to be generous in the way that he has called us. We will not do it apart from him. Generosity stems from 1) God’s bringing the truth of the gospel to our hearts, convincing us of the salvation that he provided through sending his righteous Son, Jesus, to die for our sins (2 Cor. 4:4-6), and 2) God showing us the ultimate importance of his overarching plan for history to sum up all things in Jesus Christ for his glory (Eph. 1:3-14).

The bottom line is this: those whose hearts have been affected by the gospel will be generous. We have the opportunity this weekend to respond in cheer and thanksgiving with our finances for everything that God has done for us and called us into. We should pray for ours and our brothers’ and sisters’ hearts as we walk through the doors of Mercy Hill this weekend, that God would move us to be generous in proportion to how he has been generous to us.

See you all this weekend,

-Alex Nolette (Community Groups/Equip Coordinator)