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One Summer Lasting an Eternity

If you had to describe your biggest dream in life, what would it be?

God created us with desire and dreams. Desire to find joy, dream big dreams, discover peace and attain full and lasting satisfaction.  This is woven into every human heart- you were created by God, for God. You were created to bear the perfect image of your Maker, reflecting His beauty and character.  You are valuable to God! And He longs for us to find our happiness in him! But right now, where are you looking for desire? What do you daydream about?

What if I challenged you and told you that even your wildest dreams were too weak? C.S Lewis writes that we, as human beings, are far too easily pleased. Does you dream involve being the CEO of a fortune 500 company? Or do you see yourself as the greatest businessperson or the wittiest communications director?  Do your dreams involve traveling the world saving orphans or becoming the next Andrew Hopper?   

Summer seems like the perfect time to start checking things off to get us one step closer to accomplishing our wildest dreams. Whether our dream is to earn the most money, get the best career through an internship or achieve academic greatness by taking summer classes. The summer tends to be comfortable, returning to camp counselor jobs, moving back home with parents and discovering joy in the sunshine!  But do these things really satisfy? Can the best job in the world fill the depths of our hearts?  Only the Creator of our hearts can do this. Only the Father, that knows us inside and out, can give us the satisfaction we long for. God is most glorified through you by you being happiest in Him. His glory should be the pursuit of our lives, because our role as image-bearers demands it and He is worthy of it.

If God could describe His biggest dream for us, I believe it would be to see all His children from every tribe, tongue and nation know His name.  He would express wanting to have all of His creation know the joy of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, through whom we have everlasting life with God forever. The God of the universe invites us into a partnership with Him to complete His dream: “You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit…” (John 15:16), the sweetest and most rewarding assignment we could ever receive!

Take a second and weigh these two options: spending 2 months to fulfill temporary desires that will never fully satisfy or spending 2 months learning how to align God’s dream and yours together so that His glory becomes your greatest happiness forever.  2 months…8 weeks for 50 years of temporary happiness verses 8 weeks for an eternity.  Lean into the invitation God has extended to all of us, to produce lasting fruit!


The SENT initiative is far greater than just leveraging your summer.  It’s more than just 8 weeks.  Whether its City Project, City life, or Second City, you will be changed. SENT will set you up for eternal success, not just in your college career, but for the rest of your life.  We challenge you to do something different this summer. Through the SENT initiative, you have the opportunity to learn how your dreams fit into, and are shaped by, God’s redemptive plan. When you understand that your dreams fit into God’s dream for the world everything changes. Now, your dreams become a means to make much of the God whom you were created for and love. Your dreams will flourish the most when they are reconnected to the one you were made for, God Himself.

He has created you with desire and dream. HE has appointed and invited you to share in His dream. Now, all that’s left is for you to follow His leading and accept.


  • Freshman: You have three more summers ahead to set yourself up for collegiate success! Take the first summer to experience the greatest news that will change your wildest dreams. 


  • Sophomores: You are venturing to be an upperclassman next year, which comes with leadership opportunities and underclassman looking up to you. Cultivate your leadership skills in the context of God’s dream; a context that matters!  Continue to explore your identity and potential in college through SENT- I promise, it is a wonderful identity to grasp.  Those leadership skills will take you farther than anything you could learn as a camp counselor, in a job, or moving back in with your parents.


  • Juniors: Life is busy and your eyes are starting to look to the future – I get it! Internships seem absolutely necessary at this point, and that may be true. So if a required internship or job is the direction of your summer, why not partner with us in City Life and see how your Faith integrates into your future work? The Gospel has everything to do with your job!


  • Seniors: God has called you to something bigger than yourself. What would it look like to take 8 weeks, 1 year or even 2 years, out of the next 70 years, to leverage for the Kingdom of God? Maybe you take 2 years and go overseas as a vocational missionary. Maybe you take your career and go do it somewhere strategic for the mission of God. Maybe you stay around Mercy Hill and invest in others. The first two years can dramatically shaped the next 70 years.


Say YES to learning how the wild dreams God has given you can end in you finding full and lasting satisfaction in Him. Say YES to learning how God will be glorified in you by you being happiest in Him.

Say YES today to the greatest invitation and call- to bear lasting fruit.

God chose and appointed you! Why would you ever say no to partnering in His dream? One summer lasting an eternity.

– Kristen Schleich (2 year College Resident)