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One of the Best Summer Investments You Can Give to Your Student

During the summer months, there are a plethora of opportunities that you can provide for your student: dance intensives, enrichment programs, swim teams, sports camps, cooking camps. The High Point Recreation & Parks even offers a Standup Paddleboarding Camp, to name a few. While many of these activities can provide valuable experiences for students and be a more productive use of their time, I truly believe Elevate Summer Camp is one of the best investments you can give your student this summer. Let me share three returns you can expect on this investment.

  1. Fun – After the completion of the school year, what student does not have fun as one of their top priorities for the summer! Regardless of what your student defines as fun, Elevate Summer Camp offers a wide array of opportunities that will guarantee to accomplish this objective! These include a high and low ropes course, a wave pool, paintball course, white water rafting, and a ton of recreational games. Regardless of their personality and interest, there is a ton of fun to be had at Elevate Summer Camp.
  2. Friendships – In many ways, technology and social media have made relationships superficial, while camp provides an opportunity for students to unplug from devices and spend meaningful time with the people around them. These fun shared experiences has the ability to create new bonds between students and build deeper and more authentic community.
  3. Formation – It’s important for students to grow as well-rounded individuals, but is there any area more important than their spiritual formation? Each teaching session is tailor-made that students might hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and see how their identity as a child of God changes everything. Also, small groups are led by leaders who love Jesus and students and are designed to help students apply the teaching to their lives. With many distractions removed, in a fun-filled environment, Elevate Summer Camp provides a unique opportunity for students to experience Jesus and learn how their relationship with him impacts their lives.

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-Ronald Redmond (Student Ministry Director)