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One Goal Down, Two to Go

Hey Mercy Hill,

This blog is both a recap and a continued celebration of what you may already know. Certainly, after such a powerful weekend of baptisms two weekends ago, we have much to celebrate. First of all, there were 53 baptisms and just under half of those were decisions that were made that very day! Baptism is a sign to us that God is saving people at Mercy Hill. He is working through the gospel message, sending its truth from people’s minds, deep into their hearts, and cultivating a desire for obedience that springs from the joy of salvation. The first step of this obedience is baptism.

500 + 20

Church, we launched Mercy Hill over four years ago, and we have already seen 520 baptisms! That is 520 stories of salvation and life change. That’s 520 people that have experienced the truth of God and seen the cross of Christ as beautiful.

This is significant because of the goals we have set ourselves to pray for this year. Since we are approaching our five-year anniversary as a church, we are asking God to move, as only he can, to see 100 community groups launched, 500 people baptized, and 1500 people come through the Weekender. We are certainly closing in on these, and as you have probably already seen, already surpassed one. With 520 baptisms, that’s one goal down, two to go!

Praise God and Ask for More

Let’s pray for the people that were baptized, thanking and praising God for his saving grace in their lives, and his hand to be continually on all who have been baptized at Mercy Hill as they grow in their faith. Also, let’s continue to pray for the two goals that we haven’t reached. Ask God to raise up the community group leaders that we need, and to give us wisdom in being able to spot people who are ready to lead: all this so we can launch enough groups to keep up with the number of people that are interested in pursuing discipleship—word taught, life caught—in a community group. And finally, let’s pray that Mercy Hill attenders will see the importance of being meaningfully involved at a local church, and that they would come to the Weekender to go from connected to the crowd to committed to the family.

-Alex Nolette (Equip Associate)