Mercy Hill Church - Serve Week - Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center

On Serving and Being Served

Since coming to Mercy Hill in August of 2015, I have been sent out to reflect Christ’s love during Serve Week many times. I have loved going into the community schools, non-profits, and joining with other ministries to serve and help in many different ways. I was aware that Mercy Hill made a large impact on the community by serving and showing love with our time, physical labor, financial donations, and prayer. I know that this responsibility wasn’t always convenient; it was often hard, and it was sometimes uncomfortable.

Last year, I began working at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center and became the liaison between the center and Mercy Hill for Serve Week. As Serve Week approached this fall, we had a lot of projects to complete and were so happy to have help!

We had six groups serve over four days. One cleaned the mobile unit inside and out. Three groups cleaned the interior of the center and organized the care cottage. Another group cleaned the areas around the outside of the building and parking lot, including the front door. The last group prepped materials for the benefit dinner.

Here are some things that happened after the serve week teams came:

  • Our Health Services Director took the mobile unit out and was surprised and ecstatic to find it sparkling clean on the outside and the inside. It made her feel special and brightened what can often be a dark day of work on mission. The clients who came to the unit that day were met with an appealing facility in their own neighborhood.
  • When the staff entered the care center after it had been cleaned, they were met with clean desks and offices, a near dust free environment, shiny and clean floors, and spotless bathrooms. The care cottage was neat and clean and all of the donations we had piled up waiting to be sorted and organized had been put away neatly. This allowed us to offer our parenting class participants a wonderful variety of free items (diapers, wipes, maternity and infant clothing, bedding, furniture, strollers, etc.) because we could see and find everything that was available. We could easily convey to them how much we value them and support them emotionally and spiritually, with the bonus of meeting material needs as they choose life.
  • When a team came to beautify the exterior of the building and the surrounding area, our clients could see the clean, beautiful center and have no fear of entering because it looked inviting and well cared for with excellence.

Every client walking through our door is a gift God has entrusted to us. It’s our responsibility to serve them, love them, and minister to them. Mercy Hill has allowed us to meet the goal of excellence to our clients by serving us with excellence. Through service to GPCC, these Community Groups have removed some of the initial hindrances that keep clients from coming to us and ultimately hear and receive the gospel. They have allowed us to start our days with a positive feeling in a beautiful place. I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for the service and love Mercy Hill poured out on Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. I was so blessed to watch these groups give so selflessly and with such a great desire to do everything they could to serve us well. Because I am part of the Mercy Hill community, I had never looked at Serve Week except as a way for my Community Group to serve the community. Because I work at the care center, I was able to receive and experience first-hand exactly what the gift of service and love means. That service eased our workload, gave us hours to work toward our missional goals, and refreshed us in our day to day work. It brought me to tears! Thank you, Mercy Hill!

-Elizabeth Underwood (Mercy Hill Member & Executive Administrative Assistant at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center)