On Ramp…to serving

On Ramp to Serving this Sunday at 5pm!

One of our plumblines here at Mercy Hill is that “the sermon starts in the parking lot.” When someone attends Mercy Hill for the first time, they will likely be at church for 15-20 minutes before worship starts, and up to 30 minutes until the sermon starts. Many times they will be formulating an opinion about Mercy Hill, church in general, and even God based on their interactions with the people of Mercy Hill. For this reason, we have attempted to set a strong volunteer culture so that when people come to Mercy Hill the message that we communicate from the parking lot to their seat is that they are loved and welcomed at Mercy Hill Church. This starts with our parking lot team and continues with our first time guest team, greeting team, coffee bar team, kids workers, media team, and ushers.

As we continue to grow as a church we want to continue to add people to our volunteer teams. This Sunday at 5pm, we will have our first On Ramp to serving. This is the easiest way to get plugged into one of our teams at Mercy Hill. At On Ramp you will be able to meet the team leaders for all of our teams, see what it is like to serve on a team, and even get to shadow one of our teams for the night.  Please join us this Sunday at 5pm for On Ramp!

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