Mobilizing every believer to serve within their gifting.

Christians should be rivers, not ponds. As the grace and mercy of God flows into the lives of believers, mercy and grace should flow into the community through their actions. Every believer is gifted and wired for making this type of impact. The Gospel creates servants, not spectators; workers, not watchers. 

No More Spectators Reading Plan

For the six-week No More Spectators series, passages were selected for each day following the weekend sermon to cover the same big idea that was covered in that sermon. Download the reading plan by clicking the button below.

If you’d like to have our No More Spectators reading plan delivered daily to your email address, text “MHPLAN” to “41411”, or you can click the button below to sign up!

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Series Schedule

  • Aug 22 + 25

    Romans 12:1

  • Aug 29 + Sept 1

    Romans 12:2

  • Sept 5 + 8

    Romans 12:3

  • Sept 12 + 15

    Romans 12:4-6

  • Sept 19 + 22

    Romans 12:7-8

  • Sept 26 + 29

    Romans 12:7-8