New Series Starting Sunday

Psalms_5x7I just wanted to personally say how pumped I am about our new sermon series beginning this Sunday. Starting on January 19th we will be looking at “A Selection of Psalms” for the next couple months. I think there is much here for us to learn and ponder.

The book of Psalms is among the most intriguing of all of the books of the Bible. They are emotional and engaging. Some of the most quoted passages in the entire Bible come directly from this book. The Psalms often bring out the very core of our experiences both in joy and sorrow. I think we will then be able to identify with the Psalms and see practical lessons for our daily lives. But the book of Psalms is more than emotion and experience. The book traces the history of David and the history of Israel. But ultimate we will see that all of this history is a foreshadowing of the true David and the true Israel, Jesus Christ.

I hope you will jump in with us on the 19th and see the riches of God’s Word in the Psalms!

Andrew Hopper, Lead Pastor

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