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Never Fear; We Have To Get Those Kids Here

Wow—Kids Week! Such an exciting time! I feel like folks think of vacation bible school (VBS) as another summer camp to keep their kids happy and entertained during the long summer days. And that is true in many ways. It’s a break, and we feel good that they are hearing about Jesus and getting snacks and playing games and running around getting their wiggles out so they’ll be quieter when they get home. But, there are so many more amazing and important things involved in Kids Week! I think it’s really important for us to remember, as we approach summer and Kids Week in particular, that it’s not about us and wearing our kids out and getting a break; it’s an opportunity to share Jesus and the incredible gift that was given to us through Him. It’s also a really great opportunity to encourage our kids to share that gift. I think there is no better way to get a kid to Kids Week, who knows nothing about church or Jesus or Christianity, than to hear about how amazing it is from another kid! They hear about the awesome snacks, fun games, and silly songs, and they’re hooked. (It’s even better if they have a card to give to their parent).  

Your Kids Have Gospel Potential

Our kids can be gospel givers, encouragers in Jesus, and sharers of his love! That’s a huge deal. We need to encourage and empower our children to understand that they are capable of changing a person’s entire life through Jesus. We can do that through praying for chances to talk to folks, praying for very specific people, and being willing to step out in faith. He gives us the power and boldness to share with our friends. Kids Week is that perfect opportunity.  

Generally, our kids are much bolder than us anyway. I sometimes cringe at the idea of asking someone about whether they go to church or have a relationship with Jesus. Our kids, though, will ask just about anything—really anything. And while that can be utterly embarrassing from time to time, I love that we can embolden them to ask their friends about Jesus, ask about church, and invite their friends to Kids Week who have never heard about any of it. I promise you that even though we live in the Bible Belt, there are loads of kids out there whose parents grew up in church and say they “believe in God,” and their children have no idea what God is about. Those parents don’t realize how much their children are missing. We can make the difference for them.

Don’t Fear Using Kids Week for Mission

Let’s pray with our kids that we, as parents, and they, as kids, will both have an incredible opportunity to invite folks to Kids Week. We parents can offer other parents that break that we initially think of, by taking their kids off their hands for a few hours in the morning for that week. We can offer to drive their kid to and from Kids Week—I mean, who can pass that up? We can make lunch dates with those kids and their parent after the activities of the day are done. We can get to know them better and allow the child to share what they’ve learned and the parent to see and experience the beauty of community within our church. Those things go a long way. They bring people in, both parents and kids! They see how we live differently and why.  

I love to see children encouraging children; being concerned about each other’s eternity. When a child starts to understand that this world is not about them, and they start taking action, it is truly incredible and glorifying to the Lord. Let’s help our children be life changers through Jesus. Come to Kids Week and bring all your friends!

Kari Wehe (A Mercy Hill Mom)