Growing generosity through insight
and opportunity

“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them… the one who contributes, in generosity…” Romans 12:6-8

As a member of the Multiply Team you will…

You have the Romans 12:8 gift of generosity or are passionate about funding the mission of Mercy Hill.

Grow the gift of generosity in you and inspire others to grow as well.

Receive in-depth insights about the ministries at Mercy Hill.

Gain opportunities to fund the mission through our five Multiply Ministry Lanes.

Do you have the gift of generosity or are you passionate about funding the mission?

Multiply Ministry Lanes

Campus Lane

We believe that if we reach the Triad, we can reach the world. This Multiply Lane focuses on launching new Mercy Hill campuses and expanding our current campus ministries and facilities in pace with our church growth while maintaining a strong financial position.

2021 Highlight

Mercy Hill will launch a new campus in Northeast Greensboro near Elon College. Since we were generously gifted this building, we are excited that we will be able to launch this campus faster and for less cost than previous locations. Be on the lookout for a launch date!

College & Seminary Lane

We believe that college students are the key to raising up church planters, missionaries, and business leaders who will change the world. This Multiply Lane focuses on the expansion of our college ministries all over the Triad and the expansion of our college residency and seminary. We believe our college ministry, residency, and seminary will be our primary church planting pipeline for years to come.

2021 Highlight

Mercy Hill will be doubling the number of emerging leaders in our residency. Our residency and seminary are the primary tools used for equipping our future leaders and sent ones. As we grow this pipeline, we grow our ability to make more disciples and plant more churches.

No More Spectators Lane

No More Spectators is about seeing the amount of meaningful service that happens outside of the walls of the church rival the amount of serving that happens inside. No More Spectators partners with individuals and organizations to serve vulnerable children, at-risk youth, disaster relief, the refugee, and recovery ministry.

2021 Highlight

Mercy Hill will be a founding member of the Pregnancy Network’s new Winston-Salem location. This investment will ensure that women in the Winston-Salem area will have the resources needed to face their unplanned pregnancies without fear.

International Missions Lane

We believe that God has called the church to be on mission to every corner of the earth until every tribe, tongue, and nation has heard the gospel. The International Missions Lane focuses on the expansion of missions work to the unreached all over the world.

2021 Highlight

Mercy Hill will be funding theological training for 12 native pastors among an unreached people group in one of the hardest to reach places in the world. Due to the severe persecution these men face, and in order to protect them and their ministry, we must refrain from publicizing the place or name of their people. Please continue to pray for these men and their families.