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Monday Extras: “Women: This Is Your Man”

Mercy Hill,

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Sermon Recap

Pastor Andrew delivered the third sermon of our Sex by God’s Design series this past weekend from Song of Solomon 3:6-11. The sermon was about biblical manhood and explored this main idea: become the man God wants and you will become the man she wants. This was not just a message for men who are married and dating, but qualities that God calls all men to pursue and women to look for in men. Pastor Andrew highlighted four qualities of a godly man.

1. Godly men are prepared. Just as Solomon was prepared in the pursuit of his soon-to-be bride, so a man should be prepared to share his life with his spouse and to be ready to provide for her.

2. Godly men protect. From the institution of man’s responsibility to protect the Garden of Eden, so men are called to be sacrificial in their protection of their spouse. Indeed, women ought to look for a willingness in men to sacrificially protect.

3. Godly men lead. Solomon was a king; his role was leadership. But it is important that all men be good leaders. And in Jesus’ kingdom this is leadership in serving and ministering to others. A good way to see if a man will be a good leader in marriage is to see how he is leading others now. Is he leading other men in the church into service and holiness?

4. Godly Men are known. When dating relationships start, it is often hard to see the flaws due to the strength of your affection, so it is necessary to see how godly friends and parents view the qualities of this man. Men should seek a good reputation with those around him based on the truth of his godly character.

These qualities cannot find their ultimate expression in any earthly man. Even King Solomon was a failure in this. These qualities are only found fully in Jesus. Solomon won his bride by having beauty and wealth, but Jesus won his bride by giving those things away. He has died for all the ways that men fall short of this model and freed them to pursue biblical manhood under his grace by following him.

Further Resources


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This book is the standard for the evangelical stance on complementarianism. Some elements of this book have come under fire recently by fellow evangelicals who have no gripe with the authors but think that some of the positions go beyond Scripture and might be problematic. It’s good to read things like this so we can look at the Scriptures and see where we agree and where we disagree.

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