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Monday Extras: “Why Sex Is Never Enough”

Mercy Hill,

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Sermon Recap

Pastor Andrew delivered the first sermon in the Sex by God’s Design series this weekend. The sermon was an overview of the book of Song of Solomon that showed us through his main point that Sex is beautiful in God’s design but broken in ours. He asked and answered three questions in order to establish this point.

The first question was, “What is the Song of Solomon?” The book is most likely a song written by Solomon. It is primarily about the goodness of sexual desire between a man and a woman within God’s design.

The second question was, “Why was Song of Solomon written?” It shows us the example of the goodness of sexuality within God’s design which makes it clear how different sex and sexuality is in our world. But we can’t define what we didn’t create.

Pastor Andrew addressed five misconceptions (or false definitions) our culture has about sex:

(1) “There is no binding definition of sexuality and gender,” but the Bible says that God created man and woman and designed for them to be united only in marriage (Gen. 1:27; 2:24). (2) “Sex is purely physical,” but the Bible says it’s about heart and soul (Song 4:9). (3) “God doesn’t like sex,” but sex and intimacy were God’s idea, and they gave them to us to be enjoyed (1 Cor. 10:31). (4) “Sex should have no boundaries.” Food, money, entertainment, exercise are all good and godly, in their boundaries, but with no boundaries they can ruin your life and steal your joy. Freedom isn’t in having no boundaries; freedom is in finding the right ones. (5) “Sex is ultimate.” Actually, sex should point us to what is ultimate, not become ultimate.

And the final question: “Who is the Song of Solomon really about?” The book and sex itself are examples. Sex is an expression. The union between us points to the union God wants with us! And though we have been broken through sexual sin, Jesus Christ was punished on our behalf to purify us and make us a beautiful bride.

Further Resources

  1. Taking the Song of Solomon as an analogy of the relationship of God with his people can leave us feeling quite uncomfortable. Click here for John Piper covering this discussion. 
  2. As Pastor Andrew mentioned, the book of Song of Solomon is widely disputed in its interpretation. There are many schools of thought. Biblical Studies professor Douglas Sean O’Donnell gives four helpful guideposts to help us interpret this book: “this is a song (guidepost one) about human love (guidepost two) found in the Bible (guidepost three) written to give us wisdom (guidepost four). If we keep these four things in mind, we should remain on the right path. I would HIGHLY recommend reading the entire article found here. It is a touch academic, but it is worth spending thirty minutes studying to have a great head start on reading SOS.
  3. A great tool for diving deeply into a book is a good commentary. For those who might be adventurous, I’ll give two options:
    1. For everyone: Exalting Jesus in Song of Songs (Christ-centered Exposition Commentary) by Danny Akin
    2. For the serious student: Song of Songs/Lamentations (Word Biblical Commentary) by Duane Garrett and Paul R. House

Featured Sermon Series Resource

Sex in a Broken World: How Christ Redeems What Sin Distorts by Paul David Tripp

Tripp zeroes in on the real reason that sex is a problem for us: our hearts. If we had hearts of pure love for God, nothing about the brokenness of the world would lead us into sin. But since sin has corrupted us at our very core, the world tempts us to sin willingly. The answer is that we need to be cleansed and made new, we need a savior. Our Savior is Christ, and only through faith in him and the gift of the Holy Spirit can sex be restored to the good and God-glorifying thing it was created to be.

This book will be an excellent companion with this sermon series and will have you diving deep into your own heart. It will compel you to start rooting out the deep seated sin that still remains for the love of Christ.

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-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)