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Monday Extras: “Where the Church Went Wrong”

Mercy Hill,

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Sermon Recap

In the second week of our Sex by God’s design series, Pastor Andrew took us through Song of Solomon 1:15 – 2:5, showing us the main idea that sexual desire is God given and good. This does not mean that we haven’t distorted it and twisted it in sinful ways, but in the form that God has given it, it is good. In fact, the majority of the book of Song of Solomon is an expression of godly sexual desire.

In verses 1:15-2:3 we see portrayed a back and forth of compliments of love and edification. This is how spouses are to build each other up. There is something at the core of humanity in which we communicate with others in the same way that they communicate with us. So, all relationships are either being built up or torn down by our speech.

In verse 2:4-5, we see the woman cherishing that her husband is very public with their love. And this should be what is seen in marriage today. The health of marriage in a home should be evident outside the home.

There are two clear points that can be made from these verses. The first is that sexual desire is neither ultimate or ugly. Often non-religious people chase after sex as life’s ultimate pursuit; this is worship. Indeed, worship is giving your life to something because you believe it is ultimate. The secular culture has forgotten that the Giver of sex is better than sex. On the other side, the religious tend to overcorrect and portray sexual desire as shameful and something not to be discussed. This comes from the church’s failure to affirm the goodness of that desire. Both of the religious and non-religious views must be rejected us unbiblical.

Secondly, the right path for the church is to affirm the goodness of sexual desire within God’s design. It is good and right for a man and a woman who are walking towards marriage to be sexually desirous of each other and to fulfill these desires once they are married. The married couple should even seek to strengthen these desires throughout the course of their marriage.

But the truth still stands that sexual desire has been distorted in the world and even in our own lives. And the core of the matter is that we don’t need rescuing from the worldliness of sex, we need rescuing from ourselves. And we only find this in Jesus Christ who has taken all the punishment and guilt that our sexual brokenness deserves for us on the cross, if we have placed our trust in his death on our behalf. In his ugly, shameful death, we have been made beautiful. As Solomon told his bride that she was a lily among thorn bushes, so Jesus took a crown of thorns, that we might become a lily.

Further Resources

  1. Click here to read a blog by Trevin Wax on how it is important in our culture that the church both elevate and demote sex. 
  2. Click here for a resource from The Village Church. It is one of the only blogs I’ve found the discuss specifically the goodness of desiring sexual pleasure. 
  3. God Loves Sex: An Honest Conversation about Sexual Desire and Holiness by Dan B. Allender and Tremper Longman III..

This book is written by a counseling psychologist (Dan) and an OT scholar and theologian (Tremper). It explores the goodness of sex and desire and its original God-designed purposes. It also doubles as a commentary on the Song of Solomon which is similar to Pastor Andrew’s interpretation.

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