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Sermon Recap

This past weekend was our Sent Weekend, highlighting missions and missions opportunities locally, domestically, and internationally. Church Planting Resident, Eric Hovis, preached on Luke 14:16-24. The main idea of the sermon was when we’re amazed by the banquet, we want others to join us at the banquet.

In verses 16-24, Jesus tells a parable about a banquet. A master sent out invitations to a banquet—similar to how someone sends out RSVPs to a wedding. Everyone RSVP’d to the banquet, but when the banquet was finally happening, three people that he invited gave excuses as to why they couldn’t come. There seems to be two reasons as to why they wouldn’t come to the banquet. 1) They clearly didn’t care for the man hosting the banquet, and 2) they didn’t understand the magnitude of the banquet. Not only would they have gone if they cared for the master, they would have gone joyfully because the magnitude of the banquet meant that it was a big honor to go to such an event.

In this parable, Jesus was speaking about an earthly banquet but referring to a heavenly banquet. He is referring to the Kingdom of God, the wedding feast of the Lamb. Jesus is the master and Christians are the servant. Are you like the men who were invited to the banquet but are making excuses? Jesus is inviting you. He has made a way for you to eat with him in the eternal banquet by taking the penalty of death that we deserve for our sins. God himself has handed you an invitation to the banquet in his kingdom. If we haven’t come to Christ in repentance and faith, the application is simple: 1. Come to the Banquet. Don’t reject it with excuses.


For those of us who have become Christians, God did not just invite you to the banquet; God has given you a plan and a purpose for the banquet. In verses 21-23, Jesus speaks of the servant who is sent out to invite more people to the banquet because those who rejected the banquet have left open room at the banquet. The three men were living for their own kingdom, but the servant was living for his master’s kingdom. But it is different for us Christians; when we’re in awe of the master, it’s a joy to lay down your life for our master.

And being a servant of the master works its way out in another application: 2. We are sent out for the banquet. We are sent out with the invitation to the banquet, the good news of the gospel. We are sent to our neighbors, co-workers, communities, nation, and world, as servants of the master. There is a tremendous need for Christians to take back up their call to live on mission. Global Lostness is not a statistic. Global lostness has a name, a face, and a personal story. There are people in this world who will die and go to hell never having heard the good news that could have brought them into the banquet to feast with the master for eternity.

Sermon Resources

Our missions vision and a list of our upcoming short-term trips can be found by clicking here 

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)