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Monday Extras: The Ministry of Reconciliation

Mercy Hill,

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Sermon Recap

Our pastors wrapped up the Ambassadors series last weekend with a message from 2 Corinthians 5:20-6:2 on the ministry of reconciliation. The main idea was that life depends on God saving people and ambassadors living sent. The ministry of reconciliation is so much more than a vocation that pastors have; it is essential to the life of every believer. And when looking at these things with an eternal perspective, we see that it’s a matter of life and death.

The text has four turns: 1) the great privilege, 2) the great exchange, 3) the great partnership, and 4) the great day and time.

The great privilege. In verse 20 we see that Christians are all called to a great privilege—the privilege of being ambassadors for Christ. An ambassador is one given a message for a people from a king. Many of us have failed at this. We claim the name of Christ and people start watching our lives and don’t see us living in line with or believing what we proclaim. This has created a false image of Christ. But If we only look at Christians to make sense of Jesus, Jesus will never make sense to us. Yet, God still calls us. What grace!

God showed this grace in the gospel, extending the offer of a reconciled relationship with him to all, and this happens “in Christ.” Being reconciled “in Christ” means to be in a life-changing relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

The great exchange. In verse 21 we see how God provided that reconciliation. We all deserved condemnation for our sin. But yet, he put our sin on his sinless Son so that we might walk in the right standing with God that Jesus has. But we are called to walk that life now. Jesus represented us in his death so that we may represent him in our lives.

The great partnership. Chapter 6 verse 1 refocuses us on the almost unbelievable reality that we get to work together with God in his mission. This should bring us to praise. The Christian life is both getting saved and living sent. God saves and sends; ambassadors go and deliver. It isa race that we run. It takes training and effort and prayer, but the privilege is one of highest honor. We at Mercy Hill firmly believe that, in reaching the world, the church (which includes all the people of God) is God’s plan A; there is no plan B. Reconciled people seek to reconcile people.

The great day and time. Verse 2 hits hard. It asks us to examine ourselves. If we have not been reconciled to God, we are only promised today. Each day we hear the message of the gospel is a day that God has extended salvation to us. So, we must ask ourselves: are we saved? And are we living sent? These are the two great calls on our lives.

The main application, in light of the sermon series, is plain: Go and tell people to experience Jesus at Easter. If you are a Christian, you carry the message of life, and people all around you are dying. Who are you inviting? People need to experience the truth and power of the resurrection as you have. Don’t withhold it.

-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)