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Monday Extras: “The Importance of Doing”

Mercy Hill,

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Sermon Recap

This was the second week in our Of Two Minds sermon series. This series is about how we should become in practice what God has made us in truth.  We looked at James 1:19-27, and Pastor Andrew taught us that the main idea of the text was that hearing the word without doing the word is worthless.

Verses 19-20 are a self-check-up. How are we doing with listening before speaking? Is our anger under control? Anger doesn’t produce the righteousness of God. Producing the righteousness of God is showing the world what God is like by living according to his standards. Not only those who live in anger, but also those who live wickedly fail to produce the righteousness of God, and this type of life ruins our testimony.

In verse 21, when James tells us to receive the implanted word, he is telling us to come to the word correctly. In verse 22, he explains that that means being a doer of the word and not just a hearer. What we do with the word reveals what God is doing in us. A hearer is someone who loves listening to the word but loves their life too much to obey the word. Do we love conviction on Sunday more than obedience on Monday?

In verses 23-25, James gives the analogy of looking in the mirror and noticing that something about your appearance needs to change, then you walk away and forget about it. He then says that is what a hearer does with the word. The essence of a hearer is failing to deal with what the word revealed. Upon an initial glance, we see how sinful we are compared to who God’s word is asking us to be—Christ. But Christian, when you look in the mirror, Jesus is looking back at you. In dying for our sin and raising from the dead, we are now seen by God as in Christ. What is true of him is true of us.

Verse 26-27 give us the application on how to be doers: Do the word through controlling yourself and having compassion for others. Biblical hearing isn’t complete until there is a commitment to do. And the example that Jesus set for us was one of great compassion for the most vulnerable in society (the orphan and the widow) and a life devoted to obedience to God. 

Sermon Resources

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-Alex Nolette (Equip Coordinator/Community Groups)