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Monday Extras: “Men: This Is Your Woman”

Mercy Hill,

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Sermon Recap

This week’s sermon main idea (coming from Song of Solomon 4:7-12) was the opposite of last week’s: become the woman God wants, and you will become the woman he wants. The implication is that a godly man will want to pursue a woman that is pursing God. This type of woman cares about soul beauty. She is not as concerned with making herself attractive according to the physical demands of the culture as she is to put her head down and work hard for the Kingdom of God. Soul beauty entails four traits:

1. A good reputation. These women are known in their communities for their character.

2. Ambition. A godly woman is pursuing the life that God has for her regardless of if a man comes into her life or not.

3. Leadership. There are many places in the world in which a woman leads. Pastor Andrew asked us to read over Proverbs 31 a couple times before we came to group to be able to discuss this. How do we see the woman in Proverbs 31 leading? What stood out to you the most from the passage?

Our society and the church have distorted womanhood. Culture says that women are defined by their sexual attractiveness and the church has over-corrected by naming women as stumbling blocks and relegating sex to the man’s domain. But what the Song of Solomon teaches is that godly women desire and delight in being desired. Yes, Solomon was passionate about being with his wife, but she was passionate about being with him—but only within the marital union. Godly women and the godly men that pursue them fight for a biblical view of sex and desire by affirming that sex is wonderful within the boundaries of marriage.

And this leads to the truth that godly women stay focused on the true marriage. A woman’s life is about a man, but so is a man’s. The entire church is the bride of Christ, and godly women fight to remember that Jesus has died for all their sins so that they might look perfect in his eyes.

Further Resources


The following three sermons are from a series on biblical womanhood at the Village Church.



In talking about biblical womanhood, the topic of gender roles in the church tends to come up. Keller makes a great defense for why women should have more responsibility in the church than most complimentary churches have historically had, but also why there should be a distinction between the roles of men and women. This book is very short and cheap and well worth the read.

We hear about the Christian men of the past quite often, but rarely do we hear of the significant place of women in the early church. Some of these women left incredible testimonies of bravery against persecution and martyrdom. This book tells the stories of several early Christian woman and their influence. In terms of reading level, it would be a bit more of an intermediate read as it combines elements both of biography and scholarly research.

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