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Mission in the Marketplace

The scenario is all too familiar. A college junior rounds the corner of his fall semester full of hope and vocational aspiration. By now he is fully immersed in the focused 300-level classes of his major. The idea of having a full time job, a salary, and a career are on the horizon. The outlook on life couldn’t be better. Or could it? Despite a confidence in his career path there still seems to be something missing. Every week at church, this future businessman (or nurse, or lawyer, or…you fill in the blank) hears about the mission of God and stories of people turning the world upside down with the gospel. It sounds incredible but he wonders to himself, “what does this have to do with me?”


It’s a valid question…one that hopefully any and all college students or young professionals are wrestling with in the business world (or as we pastors like to call it…the real world). What does the gospel have to do with being a nurse, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or a pharmacist, or a CPA for that matter? The answer…everything.


Matt Perman (author of What’s Best Next?) sheds some light on this issue. He writes, “We can…say that nonministry vocations are the key to the spread of the gospel globally, because our vocations are the chief way we bring our faith into the world. The gospel spreads through our vocations.”


Furthermore, he writes, “If thousands of people are intentional about changing their world by living out biblical and common grace principles in each of their vocations, the whole world will be changed.”


In light of our recent sermon series on Jonah, it’s easy to get caught up in the ideal that the only life that matters is the one spent in the jungles of Peru (or desserts of the Middle East, or on the streets of India). Do we want recent college graduates and young professionals to go to hard places? Yes. Do we want to see people sent out of Mercy Hill to go to unreached people groups? Without a doubt. But is that the only way to invest your life for the mission of God? Certainly not.


God’s mission and your future vocation are not at odds. Rather, God has gifted you and sovereignly appointed you to a vocation. And He desires to use you in that vocation to see the gospel go forth to the ends of the earth. This summer we will be exploring this entire concept in much greater depth through our summer project called City Life. We have internships available all across the Triad in a number of different fields. City Life is an eight week long project that primarily focuses on your internship while mixing in a few weekend forums, weekly reading, and discipleship groups to more fully understand what your future job intersects with God’s local and global mission.

For more information you can check out the link here. Applications are still available but the deadline is closing fast. If you have specific questions you can e-mail our college pastor at

– Jeremy Dager (Pastor of Age based Ministries)