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MH College exists to see the gospel save, grow, gather, and send from the campus to the world.

Becoming a Family on Mission

To fulfill our vision, it’s going to take more than any single individual. It’s going to take a whole group. But not just any group. It’s going to take a group united by the love of their leader, Jesus, who laid down his life for them. And through his death and resurrection, Jesus allows us to be his family through faith in his work on our behalf. He then sent us to continue his mission as a family; a family on mission. As a result, we want to see as many students as possible to go through the following process:

  • Belong

    We want them to belong as friends.

  • Believe

    Then, we want them to believe as family.

  • Behave

    Lastly, we want them to behave as leaders.

Our entire pipeline is built on these three sequential goals. We are trying to expand the family on mission.

Family Events

MH College All Family Gathering

All Family Gathering (For All Leaders)

Being a part of MH College means you have joined a family, but not just any family, a family on mission. Once a month, we gather for a little bit of fun, catching-up with one another, mutual encouragement, training, and prayer. You know, the stuff that families do. So be sure not to miss our next gathering.

  • Fall 2019 All Family Gathering dates coming soon!

Two Year Ask

Would you consider leveraging the first 2-years after college strategically for the mission of God?

MH College D-Group


Would you consider staying around the Triad for two years and help make disciples by leading a D-group? Discipleship happens in community, and that means we need D-group leaders. If you are already a D-group leader, would you consider helping to lead the charge at a specific college campus by becoming a College Resident?

MH College Church Planting


We love and thoroughly enjoy college students at Mercy Hill, but we desire to send every student out with a Summit Network Church Plant. We desire to raise up an army of equipped students who can go and help plant churches around the country. Would you consider leveraging two years of your life to help plant a church?

MH College International Missions


Would you consider moving your life across the world for two years for the sake of the gospel? Whether it be as a vocational missionary, getting a degree, or using your degree in an everyday job, God can use you in mighty ways in another country.

Family Group and D-Group Guides

Mercy Hill College - D-Group Guides

Family Group Guides