MH Students’ First Annual Encounter Weekend Blog

MH Students’ First Annual Encounter Weekend

Our Vision for MH Students is to see students from 5th – 12th grade CONNECT, GROW, & GO: to CONNECT with other students and leaders, to GROW in their understanding of the gospel and the direct application to their lives, and then to GO back out to take the good news of Jesus to their neighborhoods, schools, and/or workplaces. Our Fall Retreat event Encounter is the place to do it!! Our goal for this event is to see students CONNECT together through community building and GROW together through the the Word, worship, and fun in a packed 24 hours. Then, they will be sent out to GO to their communities.

What is Encounter Weekend?

  • MH Students first annual fall retreat weekend.
  • The purpose is to spend an extended period of time together filled with community, hearing the word, worship, having fun, and learning.
  • This years theme is: Rooted.
    • We will be diving into the idea of what it means to be rooted in Christ and how that reality plays itself out in our lives.

What will we be doing?

  • Friday night consists of games, worship, hearing the word preached, small groups, a concert from our student ministry director: Ronald Redmond, snacks, and staying the night with your small group at the home of a host family.
  • Saturday consists of hearing talks, worship sets, breakout sessions, snacks, and a dance party.

Who is it for?

  • All MH Students grades 9-12.
  • This is a great opportunity to invite friends.

When is it?

  • Friday October 20th 5:45pm – Saturday October 21st 6:30pm

Where is it?

  • Clifton Road Campus

What will the breakout sessions be?

  • What is My Mission Field?
    • In this session students will hear how to leverage their current context for the glory of God. MH Students is filled with students in public schools, private schools, and homeschooled students. This talk will help students think through what being a missionary in each of those contexts looks like.
  • Sex and the Church
    • In this session students will be equipped with how they think through God’s design for humanity as it pertains to sexuality and gender. The culture is quick to provide its ideas on the topic while the bible is certainly not silent. This breakout session will provide a safe space for students to gain an understanding of God’s design and ask any lingering questions they had on the subject.
  • Tough Conversations
    • In this session students will be equipped as apologists to their faith. Many in our culture have legitimate questions about God and the Christian faith. This breakout session will provide a safe space for students to have some of their own personal tough questions answered as well as to ask questions they hear their friends asking them about their faith.

How much does it cost?

  • $25

How do I sign up?

-Ronald Redmond (Student Ministry Director)